Florida United Promoters Late Model Series 2011

[SIZE=“4”]More info coming…[/SIZE]

Is this replacing the FAST Series for 2011?

great to see tracks working together,
keep it up guys, it will help out everyone

Promoter, director, secretary, tech, treasurer…?

Who are these people? This is a series right?

These races will each be run by the track they are at that particular week using their officials as they would for any other night of racing… The overall management will be a group effort among the owners/promoters of all six speedways…

Local officials? There will be no consistancy. I certainly hope they will have their own traveling tech team, and a traveling race director. Timing and scoring, along with other tasks can be handled by the track crew at each race, but the main calls have to be consistant to the series rules and be independent of the locals.

Damn Bone…Don’t Poo Poo the deal even before it gets started! John said there was more information coming soon about the details, so give it a few days at least before you start bashing the officials and directors. You don’t even run a Late Model, so what do you care??? I think it’s cool that all the tracks have gotten together to make a real traveling series. Lets try a little positive mental attitude for a change!!!

Scotty, did you actually read what I wrote? Are you confused with another thread? Take a minute to clear your head, and try reading it over again.

I’ll accept your congratulations later.

Scott… actually Boneman has a very good point. Earlier in the year, the FAST Series went to Auburndale, where there was a dispute over an on-track call. Series officials called it one way, the track owner called it another way. The owner won the arguement, but both groups later decided not to return for an already scheduled show later in the season.

BOTH groups actually lost on that one in my opinion.

Congratulations…You are definitely the most sarcastic person on the message board! Just give me a second to think…I’m so easily confused you know. Even though I attended and graduated from the Florida educational system, I can read, and even comprehend, the written English language.
I thought your post made it sound like you were concerned that the new series would not be consistent if they used their own officials. If I’m confused, I apologize…I am, after all, easily confused! I was merely stating that people should wait for all the information before making what sounded to me like ?negative? comments.
And PLEASE…learn how to spell if you are going to have such an arrogant attitude. It really undermines your attempt to denigrate anyone that doesn’t agree with every statement you make. It’s “consistent” with an E!

Scotty, if you go on the attack, then you need to expect a similar response.

Also, if you want to have a spirited discussion of racing, then lets go. However, you appear to be genuinly angry. If so, then find someone else to yell at.

Does this mean that the FAST Series will not exist in 2011, or are they going to race also?

You are the one talking about “on the attack”, not me. I never “attacked” you. I merely stated that we should wait to hear the details and be positive about a new late model series. You were the one with the sarcastic “Did you read” and “confused” and “clear my head” statement. I’m not angry in the least…just stating it like I see it.
A “spirited” talk is one thing…putting people down and acting like they are somehow confused, or slow or need to clear their head to understand your posts is another.

Motor Rules

Has there been any decisions on what motor rules are going to be? Are they SLM or combined like FAST was or something altogether different? People are going to need time to prepare for this new adventure. Hope it’s not like last year when we got rules 2 weeks before season started:ernaehrung004:

Scotty, I guess there is supposed to be more info coming…not sure why this is coming out in pieces…get everything buttoned up and release it all at once or you will continue to get “suggestions” from people that do want to know.
I have a question…whose payout are they using???Auburndales or FASCAR (lets hope not)or Desoto or Citrus??? will the payout be the same for all of the races?

Payout Will Be The Same For All Races…

Scotty Dave said the track will use its own officials for the races whenever the races come to that track. Boneman said that is a mistake which I agree with. We don’t need to wait for that info it was just told to us. If each track is taking care of running the show for that particular night opens up all kinds of problems in tech and issues on the track and also if there is a points deal will it be all together or will each track have its own points system?

watch out Scotty. Sheriff Boney will call all his little deputies!!!

watch out Scotty. Sheriff Boney will call all his little deputies!!!

Why don’t you guys just call this “Florida United Promoters Late Model Series, Featuring FAST Rules, presented by Auburndale Speedway Because The Owner Got Mad at Wayne Anderson Earlier This Year.”

I know it doesn’t really look roll off the tongue, but I think it’s way more accurate.