4 cylinder race car

Gotta 1993 Ford escort for sale. Ran at Auburndale weekly and Punta Gorda once. Racing wheels and American racers. Think I have 3 good ones and one flat. Extra rims, extra motor, everything goes. Fast and great handling car. The car is #17. 1600 OBO. Will post pics soon, till then you can see pics at auburndaleracing.com. willing to trade

OBO!!! willing to rent the car out i just wanna see it race!!!

Please send pics to pmatheny1@bellsouth.net
Is it an automatic?
Thanks Jeff

it is a 5 speed and pics coming tomorrow sir

4 cylinder

is that the car that was in second last nite and got turned around and the went after that other car. if so ill give you 500.00 for that car mh daughter wants to race kids club

yea thats the car but i will have to pass on that offer thanks tho

4 cylinder

how much to drive it one nite my car is down right now so it mught be fun to drive

um i gotta get a new tire but…whats reasonable?

4 cylinder

its your car i have drove sportsman and street stock i drove 4 cyliders in the late 90’s

whats your name? you can drive it for whatever it cost me to get tires and any damage that is done. I have one flat for sure maybe 2 but i think 1 is a bent rim. I gotta check tomorrow on the tires

Here the website to see a pic