OK SHELNUT! You asked for it!

You non driving fool! couldnt do better than first place? i always knew you were a blankity blank %$#$%&^^$%$%^&^*BS artist!.. i know you thought i could do this but i cant! rofllllllll
after the day you had you deserved to win! congratulations.
OK buttface. feel better now?
i still think you suck! luv ya
wicks aka OZ
was a really good race… not many cautions. felt bad for Scofield. Crappy luck at the beginning of the race.
on the good side, what a crowd… even have pictures this time. hahaha 28 SLM started. and some of the best in the state!!!
Thanks PGS and SLM drivers for a really great night…
carolwicks aka oz

a long 2 days at the track but it was worth it.


Just for the record!

I had addressed my post to Daryl Shelnut… the reason is because it was a private joke between him and me… Daryl raced a good race last night and after a 7 hour problem filled trip down he sure deserved and needed a win. i was happy for him and the post should have been obvious! Hey Daryl… u r still a moron! roflllllllllll
carol aka OZ

Ok Carol AKA OZ,

Spoke with Shelnut to get the real story, he’s really upset over the statements you’re making about his driving style and calling him bad names.

He actually said, you could not of said it any better or any nicer. LOL!! LOL!!


happy to oblige! one of these days i will really surprise him. what a roast i will plan in his honor. hahaha