Treaded Tires and Payouts

This not meant to be a negative post about any certain tracks because I have seen it at a few…

Someone please explain to me why a track cannot have payouts sitting in envelopes so racers can get paid before the racing is over and the people have all gone home?
Go to the bank on Friday afternoon, take out 5k or 6k dollars and put it in to envelopes by class and finishing position. You know usually an hour before the racing starts how many cars are in each class for the night. Once the race is over and the cars go through tech and the techman ok’s the finish PAY THE DRIVERS!!! I know about the “cash business” yada yada BS.
We raced last night at 7:30, we had the first race, We were done at 7:45, we also raced in the second race and we were loaded up at 8:20. The races were over at 10:30, the payout lady, who also works the pit office (why I don’t know)was WAITING for money at 10:30. The pay window opened at 11:00. And it isn’t just NSS. I have had the same issue at Auburndale.
Someone please fix this…

Now the treaded tires…while I understand the concept and applaude the thoughts of cheaper for the racers, I have to say the experiment is a disaster. Now I am speaking about racing at NSS and I know it is faster and all that, but the races have become practice. When the faster cars are running together, you cannot pass. Inside or outside. My father runs sportsman and we watched the e-mod race last night. A faster car can get to and drive under or around another car but cannot complete the pass because the tires just won’t hold the track. If you drive harder in you lose the front end, if you have to keep a car down because the car is outside of you coming off they give up there also. And come to find out, they are MORE EXPENSIVE and don’t last any longer. The only thing that made the e-mod race half way interesting is they had about 8 restarts. The big motor mods are a complete joke, it has destroyed that class. They need to let the big motor mods go back to slicks and let them put on wings and whatever they want to make them interesting. Again, the emods are a great concept and my dad is actually trying to put one together, but the racing would be better if they went back to slicks. Now they might be better at Auburndale and Citrus and if that is the case, more power to em.

Just my two cents…thats about all I got these days!!!

We started racing over at East Bay this year and payout is one thing I was amazed at. We can get done racing and 9 times out of 10 by the time we get everything loaded and we do it right after we are done racing we can walk to the office and our money is ready. It is nice cause then you can decide how much of the rest of the racing you want to see or you can start headed home.
Tires are the reason we started racing dirt. Racing street stock and having to spend $450 for a set of tires your gonna get 3 or 4 nights, if your lucky, just didnt make sense. We made the switch to dirt spent $120 on a complete set of take off’s and on the 10th night of running those tires we won our first race on dirt.

Hey Mike is anyone shooting video at Eastbay ?

No. I thought about mentioning this the other day when I heard you was let go from PGS. If interested you might want to look into it. We still have some of the videos we got from you when we ran CCMP and there in just as good of shape today as they was when we got them.

Thanks Mike I appreciate that. The season is almost over so I think I’ll probably take the rest of the year off, except for special events. I think I’ll give Todd and Al a call and see if they would be interested. What are they doing about the lease? I heard the owner was going to come back. I traveled with the UDLMCS for 2 years and I got to love dirt racing. Later Bob…

Treaded tires

The treaded tires have been a blessing at Columbia. On slicks, we were going thru right sides every 2 to 3 races. The treaded tires have extended that to 6 to 8 race on rights and 10 to 12 on lefts. They have saved us a huge amount of money. No, they don’t stick as well and they slowed us down but they slowed everyone down and the racing is still competitive. But 1 brand or style of tire that works well at one track may not work at another. I loved running the slicks but the cost was leaving cars at home.

nickle and dime do me a favor ok

what class of car do you run to get --6 or 8 races on right side and also 10 0r 12 races on the left what tire is that and also have you put stop watch on your car and do you ever win thanks

2010 Points Champion

I am the 2010 points champion with 7 feature wins this season for what CMP calls the Pure Stock class but it’s basically equal to NSS Super Stocks. We run the new Hoosier treaded that is mandated by FASCAR. 3100 pound metric chassis car with 54% left side. Average times are 20:20’s but this past Saturday night my fastest times were a couple of 19:88’s. Our front running sportsmans are turning high 18’s and low 19’s so we are about a second off the fastest sportsmans.


Ron, I am the owner of Sun State Collision Center and the tire sponsor for Nickel and Dime Racing. I pulled all of my tire receipts for the year just for comparison. March-June= $1700.00. July-Oct.= 875.00. This IS on a front runner. The tires were not replaced because we like to spend money. They wore out that fast!

treaded tires

amen to the treaded tire! I was a na sayer at first but as time progressed and we worked with the tire we are running just as fast as being on the slick. we are running the hoosier treaded as well. Just peeling off a set that we’ve clocked over 340 laps with. A balanced racecar really comes into play when talking about any projection of tire wear. we dont race for points but we have 5 wins at nss in superstock with that set of tires. Oh yeah, we didnt buy those tires new, they were 30 lap takeoffs!

You say that it is a treaded (DOT style) tire FASCAR mandates at CMP? Thats odd. Orlando and NSS run a beaded (as Hoosiser calls it) or grooved tire. No treaded.

Hoosier 650 series

They are Hoosier 650 series. Not D.O.T. tires. Some call them grooved and others call them treaded, Hoosier calls them ribbed. It’s the same tire that NSS and OSW run.

Hoosier 970 I believe, ran 12 shows, heats, dashes and 30 laps features, lots of top 3 finishes in heats and dash’s and for features we Won 5, three 2nds, always top 5 finishes except 1 night when we needed a new front clip. This was done with 6 tires for the year. Lorain speedway late model 2800# dry sump aluminum head motor , 3/8 mile asphalt track. Six tires for the year and won the championship. Sure saves a lot of money…