Gov Cup Pre-entries

Finally, some out-of-state participation. Looking at the list, I see cars coming from Pennsylvania, Kansas, Texas (Lawler is from TX, but lives in NC), Kittleson is listed from NC (but is really from Merritt Island), Georgia & Florida. None of them, other than Ryan Lawler is a “big” name, but the extra competition sure can’t hurt ther show.

I am looking forward to this one. The last Brighthouse race was certainly interesting and they will have a bunch more cars for the Gov cup.

Could be one of the better races of the year if they keep upping the quality and car count.

I like that they are trying different things to move it forward - some will be good, some may not, but time will tell. At least they arent just sitting still and letting it decay into nothing.

I hope they continue to use the double file restarts for the gov cup. Not sure if they did last year?

Governor’s Cup WILL be Double File restarts with leader having choice inside/outside.