North Wilkesboro - Eight Cars !

Pretty sad yesterday as the Sunoco International Tour drew just 8 Super Lates to the famed North Wilkesboro Speedway…
The good news is that FL drivers Jeff Choquette and Sean Bass finished 1-2…
Junior Johnson was back at it helping his son Robert who finished 6th in the Late Model Stock race on Saturday… That one drew 15 cars…



I live 30 min from the track and knew nothing of this race.

That may explain the turnout.

All those years–

All those empty years of a standing Raceway, once graced by huge crowds, and quickly hushed into silence, and throngs of followers standng by and wishing it would re-open again for some more racing action.

The Big Happening happened, and it was opened for racing once again…with small, tiny fields of cars and only a few fans in the stands.

Maybe it should have been shuttered for a few more years.

Rockingham Raceway might, just might, be the same…no huge, HUGE news stories and results from that place either.

I thought about this for a day or so but I will say it. With Choquette’s history one has to wonder if his car was legal. I seriously doubt they would DQ anyone with only 8 cars in the field.