Point Systems

Not sure how everyone else feels about the point systems we currently use. But I know I dont like the 30 to 40 week race/point season.

Does anyone have a better idea on how to create a series of mini point systems/leagues during the year with a way to crown an overall champion?

Also a while back someone posted an idea about assigning points based on how many cars attended each race. Example 9 cars in the race means first place got 9 points last gets 1 point. Or 23 cars in the race first gets 23 points last still gets 1 point.

I think this was the example that was given. Does anyone know more or ever seen this work?

The way points racing works on the local level is BORING just looking for some ideas!

I have to agree with you Randy. Sat night at NSS I heard Mark announce that it was week 35 of the 2010 racing season…that is a BIG number and they aren’t done yet.

I had the idea of splitting up the year between Orlando and NSS and shorten the seasons. It would also help with the rain issues Orlando runs into every summer. The crowds at NSS are actually pretty good in the summer because of the beaches near by and the weather, while a bit hot at times seems to stay pretty dry with the onshore winds.
My suggestion was March - September at NSS and Oct - Feb for OSW,
The Gov cup of course would still be held at NSS in November and they would have to take 2 weeks off for speedweeks in Feb of course.
I think it came out to about 20 weeks at each track and you would probably get a lot of cars from other tracks at Orlando in the so called winter plus there are a lot of racefans down for the winter also.

Just my two cents