2011 FASCAR Rule Book is COMPLETE

The tentative 2011 FASCAR Rule Book is available at www.NewSmyrnaSpeedway.org > Rule Book > 2011 FASCAR Rule Book. Several corrections have been brought to our attention…We will post when the rules are official.

Wow! The rule book is out before the season is over with. Found things to be interesting for the coming racing season. Thanks for having it done early!

Great job getting the rulebook out so early !

UPDATE > We have made all necessary corrections. Pro-Trucks, Modifieds, Super Stocks, please re-read/re-print rules as of todays date to make sure that you have the corrected Official Rules for 2011.

Awesome, somebody is listening. Check that one off the complaint list. Too bad I am sitting out for a while, I like what I am starting to see.

Wondering what a “full sized” car is in strictly stocks. No metric cars? No four-cylinders? And “American made” means cars made in America, like the Honda Accord and Mazda MX-6, and not cars made in Canada like the Crown Victoria and Chevy Impala and some Monte Carlos? Just wondering.

Even a cave man can figure it out.

It says the same thing about Super Stocks and Sportsman being American made also.

Here we go again!! Couple months earlier this yr.

Must be V-8 or 6 cylinder, full sized, American made car for the Strictly Stock Division. Rear wheel drive independent rear suspension must have 0? camber. NO GUTTING, CHOPPING, TORCHING OR CUTTING OF ANY KIND. IF YOU GUT, CUT CHOP OR TORCH, YOU DO NOT RACE.

Sooo are camaros a go or no go

It also should be a rule that Mar…the track don’t play that dumb ass Benny Hill music, for the strictly stock race. It’s disrespectful to the drivers and makes us look like a joke. Further more when I buy a video of the race and want show it to friends and family they have to listen to the music aswell and ask me “why are they playing that?”

When will SOMEBODY get it in their head that V-8 cars are dying out… Make the Strictly Stock a 6 cylinder FWD ONLY class… That way you actually will have STRICTLY STOCK cars…

Honestly Dave that wont work over here…there only 2 or 3 of them at the track any way. Belive it or not their are more RWD v-8 at Orlando then any other in the class.

But I’m for what ever works…ill adapted to anything

can you run camaros v8
next year

Your Right That Music For That Race Sucks. How About Some Heavy Metal And Not The Same Song Ever Week.

what about bad to the bone

It’s the brake lights… they make me do it!

LOL Stupid ass brake lights I cant keep mine working.
Jeff Bad to the Bone always makes me want to hit stuff LOL

Well Benny Hill music because they prob do think we are a joke.Thats why we have to run last every week,I guess the fans would rather watch 3 legends,3 sportsman or 2 reg mods run.

Mark it can’t be the brake lights cause even though it says we have to run them in the rules there are only 3 or 4 of us that have them out of 16 to 20 cars.I’ll be shutting mine off for the last race.

Dave if v-8 cars are dieing I guess the super stocks are in for it also.If they put there foot down and said only v-8s then you’ll see how fast they start popping up.They are all over Craigslist.

NO GUTTING, CHOPPING, TORCHING OR CUTTING OF ANY KIND. IF YOU GUT, CUT CHOP OR TORCH, YOU DO NOT RACE.Now if they followed that rule there would be 3/4 of the field going home every week.(no dashes or wheel wells in most cars).We really need a major rewrite for the strictly stocks,IF IT DOESN’T SAY IT YOU CAN’T DO IT just doesn’t cut it.Tire rule is the easiest to enforce and to follow yet I saw a set of 60s pass tech last race.

Also I don’t see where letting 7 to 10 drivers in for free helps the track out,car count yes but no money for the track doesn’t help in the long run.Just not fair to everyone that has been paying all year.

Sorry about the rant but it seems like so many people ask questions and there is never a concrete answer.Too much is left up in the air.I do feel like the strickly stocks are maybe the strongest class that show up every week and can be even stronger if we have some very specific rules that are followed every week.It seems like the thinking in the past has been let the rules slide and more will show up.I think follow them closer to make the cars equal and the racing will get better,then more will come.

One last thing,since it’s hard to get people to show up to ask questions about the new rulebook lets try something different.Make a thread on karnac for each class,start it with the rules for that class then let drivers post questions for that class.Have one or two tech people answer these questions with thefinal answer.Do this for one month then finalize the rulebook and that’s that.That way there is no mid season drama with a rules problem.This may be a pipe dream but just trying.

OK I’ll be quiet now,thanks.

Luis, you are on target, and don’t even think about shutting up.

Why do certain cars get in for free? One large team gets in free while the rest of us have to pay. FASCAR, that is wrong, wrong, wrong. That is absolutely no way to treat the teams that have paid their way all year long. I’ve always paid my admision without question or complaint, but I better get in free tomorrow night.

So whats it going to be? Does all of our class get in free, or just select cars?