end of year parts sale

scatter shild for chevy 100 used springs 15 ea wide 5 quick change 600 howe spindles fit camaro 100 a set 2004 pont grand prix noses 75 ea chevy lumina 50 ea 2008 impala abc body - nose 150 metric car uppers used 20 ea lowers 25 ea spindles 25 ea camaro rotors new with 5/8 studs 35 ea mustang wheels from 7 in to 10 in 13 14 wheels 25 ea used tack with recal 35 a set of 180 headers chevy used 100 and a lot more parts call for prices call 904-229-1821

hey james, do you have still have the cup spindles and hubs? how much for the front spindles, hubs, calipers and rotors and hats? how much for a manual rack for a super latemodel? i’ll be in touch just started new job and will be buying more parts soon.

yes i still have them

i have got a power sweet rack 2.1 200dollors

still have a lot of great parts left

What brand are the 2004 Pontiac nosepieces? I’m looking for a Five Star if you have any. Are they dirt car noses? Used, new? Whole nose? One side for $75?

Where are you located?

pic of the 180 headers thanks

Anyone? Lookin’ for parts for next year…