Updated tire rules for the Eddie Brann race on 12/11/10 at Citrus!

With all tracks but PGS running the Hoosier 650 treaded 8" tire next year, we have come up with a new tire rule for this years Eddie Brann race at Citrus. All tires must still meet the minimum durometer reading of 50 at anytime.

We will allow the following tires:

Hoosier 650 (CMP, NSS, OSW, and Desoto)
Goodyear D2862/D2863 (PGS)
American Racer (the same tire currentely run by Citrus and Aburndale only)

Citrus will have the new Hoosier 650 available for Eddie’s race. I hope this encourages everyone to come out and support the race. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at 352-201-8257.

John Chance

No it won’t mods belong on slicks only

It is a benefit race. Please do not start up the slicks vs treaded debate here.