Latest Gov Cup Entry makes 7 States represented... confirmed earlier today that Rebecca Kasten from Mequon, Wisconsin will run the 45th Annual Florida Governor’s Cup 200 on November 19-20th.

That brings the total number of States represented to 7…
North Carolina
Texas (Lawler’s Hometown)

Looking forward to a great 2 nights of racing to cap off the 2010 Season…

Pre-Sale Discount Tickets are available at OSW (Fri) and NSS (This Sat and Next)… Cost is $25.00/adults and will get you in BOTH nights!

Nice to see some good out of towners coming in for the race…

This is looking like it will be a really good race.

We should know for sure Wednesday but looks like we will be adding State #8 to the list… We will keep updating as we hear/confirm entries! :huepfen024:

Will this be the most out-of-state cars in, oh, about 27 years (1983, since the race was last held at Tampa and Trickle, Eddy, Howe, and all them came down) for the Governor’s Cup? I know in '84-'87 (when there was no Governor’s Cup and we had the Triple Crown races at St. Pete and Bradenton), some out of state cars came down, but not nearly as many as previous years.

The last year I can remember at Golden Gate, let’s see…Red Farmer was down (Alabama); Malcuit and Denny Nyari were here (Ohio); Howe, Eddy, and Mike van Sparrentak (Michigan); Hamke (I think) was here, and he was in North Carolina at the time, I believe; Trickle from Wisconsin…that’s five states there, plus the Florida cars…six states total (if North Carolina’s correct).

Rumor has it there is some 40 entries so far. Would there be a "B"main for anyone that doesn’t qualify for the main event if there is more than “x” number cars show?

Qualify for the top 24 spots. Heat races/Last Chance races for the next 6 starters (top three in two heats). Next four get in on time if they didn’t make it otherwise, and two Promoter’s Option starters for a total of 36 starters. Invert the top ten cars, plus whatever is rolled on a die (if the polesitter rolls a 3, the top thirteen qualifiers get inverted).

Sure would make things a lot more interesting :wink: