Jimmy Johnson tire addendum

Is official today. J J will not be penalized if his tire rolls across pit road.:grinser010:


whats the weather in the hills today.

Their just making sure there poster boy wins, that big trophy already has his name on it…

Snow on the mountain fri-sat…22 degrees this morning, warmed up to mid 50’s.http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs932.snc4/74496_1413463588466_1588833452_30914873_2246331_n.jpg photo we took saturday around noon.

Agree 100%!!! But Harvick and Hamlin ARE for real.

there are no rules for jimmy johnson

if he had of been on pole with 4 laps to go and couzin carl jumped him they would call him back

and if he had of been coming out of the pits he would never have been called for speeding

                  kyle was not going to stink up show in texas

There isn’t a penalty assesed if another car knocks your tire out on to pit road which is what happened in this instance.

That’s because that’s what the racing analysts told you…


I know one time this year,someone got a penatly for not having control of tire .no hand on it in pits . also saw a water bottle splash on track out of Carls car on back strait

There are no penalties for Jimmy anyhow, OR gordon. What other driver could shove and try to hit another driver on the track??? Thats all that big Chevy and Hendrick money!!

Gordons attempt could be viewed as more of a slap, officials (and Burton) was laughing so hard watching the replays a penalty could not be applied.:huepfen024:

Gordon’s wife could have done more damage than he did! That was more of a comedy than a drama! LOL.

As far as Gordon hitting Burton and not doing any damage, I disagree. I think he did enough to make his point without actually hurting Burton. Could he have walked straight up and cold cocked him, maybe knocking loose some teeth, or breaking his nose, and perhaps his own hand? Sure, but that is not what sane people do. I think from Burton’s words afterward, he knew he was wrong, and he got Gordon’s message, all without having to go to court.

NASCAR has fined Kyle Busch, driver of the No. 18 car in the Sprint Cup Series, $25,000 and placed him on probation until Dec. 31 for his actions during this past Sunday’s race at Texas Motor Speedway.

So a driver can shove another driver with the possibility of causing bodily injury but you cannot flick the bird at a NASCAR official. Of course I joked around that Kyle was actually trying to keep the sun out of his eyes.LOL

No, I am not a Kyle Busch, Jimmy Johnson or Jeff Gordon fan.

It has nothing to do with the analysts, they didn’t make the rule up just to justify Nascars decision. If you watch the incident it is obvious that the 98, Paul Menard, knocks the tire out of the tire carriers hands as he is attempting to carry the tire around the back of the car.

You MUST be kidding!!!

That punk ass Gordon being able to hit ANYONE hard enough “cold kock” him, “loosen his teath” Breaking his nose"?? Come on, there was no pipe or baseball bat anywhere near Gordon!! THAT is what Burton and the officials were laughing at. I couldn’t believe Gordon had the guts to take his helmet off first. Remember when tough guy Gordon attacked Matt Kenseth?? He left his helmet on!! Gordon better watch out, he’s gonna be mr tough guy to the wrong person. I dare say out of 40-45 drivers in cup, at LEAST 40 or more could beat on Gordon and knock his candy butt off! And all of Chevys money, and Hendricks money wont do him ANY good!! Also as far as someone “Knocking the tire out of the crew members hand” the crew member better get the tire out of the way!! That is what having the tire undre control means. Don’t believe it? Let Kyle Buschs crew member get a tire knocked out of his hand. ALL of you AND NASCAR would penalize him at LEAST a couple laps!

Without doing days of research, i posted the original as a joke because earlier this season another drivers jackman got KNOCKED DOWN by the car pitting behind his team and HIS car was penalized for “losing control of their tire”, that whole zero tolerance thing…hey, on a lighter note Kyle didn’t lose points for gigging the official LOL.

You are right Benny. But Johnson got penalized nothing. Love him or hate him, it was wrong, but hey, thats racing. When one team wrecks two other teams in the 100 lap truck race and no penality is wrong too!! ESPECIALLY when several people who was gonna wreck who days before the race. Hey, you cant tech the guy out, wreck him out right??