The Barn in Sanford - FASCAR Night 11/12/10

The Barn in Sanford is hosting a special FASCAR Night this Friday featuring Racecar Displays, Driver Appearances, Drink Specials and More.

Drink Specials for ALL FASCAR Drivers… Ass Drivers/Fans are Welcome.

Click Here for more information on the Barn in Sanford.

Drink Specials for ALL FASCAR Drivers… Ass Drivers/Fans are Welcome.

What’s an ass driver? :sprachlos020:

From what I can tell that would be Tuna…

Crap… *all


Mark you have a way with words. Were you thinking of Boneman? :ernaehrung004:

What time???

zilla to do the hoke pokey shuffle.

Jeff [ FORDZILLA ] will be there for the Billy Ray Cyrus mullet contest.:ernaehrung004::ernaehrung004:

Hey Mark… Just follow the yellow brick road…

Mullet contest? Hmmm… Maybe I have time to grow mine out a little and enter my horizontal mohawk?

Boneman guess you get a free drink. Is Mark going to be the D.J. ?:ernaehrung004:

Kidding aside, this is a great idea. It seems like the Barn and the tracks should fit together like a hand and glove. A pat on the back to whoever put this together!

I’ve never been to the Barn, (I’m more of a fine wine and orchestra kind of guy), but it looks like we will be going this week!

Yeah bubba, thats right! You backwoods redneck!!! Bringing your pit bulls? Camo clothes? PLEASE, don’t forget the deodorant this time.

Careful Tuna, my pitbulls wear camo…you wont even know they are there. :slight_smile:

6 to 9 on the 12 th dave


Tuna would like to buy a drink come out Friday night. :ernaehrung004: