Vet to vet

I didn’t want to hi-jack rexes post.
All you vets post here and let us kbow what service you were in and where you served. Thanks to all who served before me and after. Bob

served in the USAF 61’ to 65’ active duty and 65’ t0 70’ reserves
served in Vietmam 64’ & 65’
was a crew member on C130E

Both grandfathers (as far as I know) were WWII/Korean War vets. Dad was a Viet Nam vet (US Army); and I’m former Navy (went in in 1991 just before Desert Storm, and got out in 1999). Served on board the USS Saipan (LHA-2, amphibious assault ship) and at NCTAMSLant Norfolk, VA.

Two of my three kids are currently active duty military, both in the Navy. My oldest daughter is stationed up in Norfolk, while my son is currently going to school up in Pensacola. My youngest daughter, who is currently 13 years old, isn’t sure yet :wink:

So I have four generations that have served this great country of ours. :slight_smile: :ernaehrung004::engel016:

USAF 1963-1967
Lackland AFB, Texas (Basic and Police School)
Tyndall AFB, Panama City, Fl
Thule AFB, Greendland

I’d do it all over again just to help keep the USA free. billy

Army. Viet Nam '69-'70 RTO on a LRP team in Laos in Apr’70 when Nixon said we had no troops in Laos. 12 of us went in,4 of us came out. Bodies never recovered. Mapping the Ho Chi Mein trail.
Fulda Gap in Germany '72-‘75. Watching the E. Germans who were watching us…Made some friends thru the fence when nobody was watchin’…:ernaehrung004:
(RTO: radio telephone operator(target on my back). LRP: Long Range Patrol)

U.S. Army-1976-1983 with two tours in Korea, one on the DMZ.

US Navy 1991-2007

USS Juneau LPD-10
USS Stethem DDG-63
USS Gladiator MCM-11
USS Dextrious MCM-13
FLTASW San Diego