Eastbay Outlaw 4's

02 or 03 Boyd Outlaw 4
-Full Tube Chassis
-Coil Spring Front
-Stock Uppers And Lowers
-Brand New Quick Car Switches
-Brand New Quick Car Guages And Tel Tell Tach
-3 Link Rear With Coil Overs (everything Brand New on Rear Except for 1 Shock and Spring)
-8 Inch Ford Rear End With 3.40 Gear Drum Brakes
-1.97 2nd Gear Trans
-8 Gal Fuel Cell
-New Fuel Lines
-All New Wireing
-Wilwood Pedels
-Body and Deck and interior Has 1 Season on it, Deck & Interior still in great
-Car is very fast, Won Championships and Races At Eastbay Raceway Park, It Is Currently Running 5th in the points at Eastbay Have had Good Runs with the car Just Issues Finishing the race.
-The Motor is 2300 Crowler Rods 5.7, Weisco 30 over pistons, Head has been cut
some, 535 Lift Cam, Crowler Valve Springs and Retainers, Feirra Valves
-$5,000.00 without seat.

Full Tube Pinto Chassis Built In 2002
-Tube Uppers And Lowers On the Front
-Coilover Front
-Leaf Spring Rear
-Ford 8 Inch Rear 3.40 Gear Drum Brakes
-1.97 2nd Gear Trans
-Stock 2300 Bottom End, With Good Head Shaved 574 Lift Cam.
-Car has won races all over the state.
-Very Stong Car, Never Been Bent
-$3,000.00 Obo Race Ready, Or Roller without Trans, Radator, Motor, 1,500.00

Or $10,000.00 For Both Cars, Trailer and all spare Parts

-4 Bare Blocks With Cranks But Have the pistons to them
-Stock Pinto Crossmember
-Boyd Tube Crossmember
-3 2300 Weisco .30 Over Pistons with Manley 5.7 Rods
-Round Boyd Front Frames Rails
-Stock Upper A-Frames Few Lowers
-Many Extras

Pictures Above are Of the Pinto Chassis, Cannot Post Pictures Of the Boyd on here Picture size to big send me email for pictures

Or trade for Limited Late Model, Or Open wheel Mod

picture of the boyd

Pinto tube chassis has now been took apart to be revamped for next year,3 link new body ect…At this point it is still a roller.Strong car…

The #48 is now 3 link rear with right frame rail over to left 1 1/2 feet.
Will now sell as roller for $1800

Would like to trade #75R Boyd roller for LLM roller or will sell as roller for $3000 WITH SPARE PARTS…

Cars Are No Longer For Sale