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Gosselin Finds Full-Time Success Tough To Come By
By Mark Aumann, NASCAR.COM

When Mario Gosselin decided to take his Camping World Truck Series team from part-time to full-time status in 2010, he expected a resulting increase in time, energy and money. But he didn’t expect to have wrecks in back-to-back weekends.
“We had a little bit of bad luck and tore up a couple of trucks, which got us way behind,” Gosselin said. "We really haven’t recovered from that yet. We went to Bristol and pretty much made one truck out of three. We were down to that. “It becomes pretty tough, week in and week out, where sometimes we go three weeks in a row without getting home”.
“After the Darlington wreck, we were out of trucks. Darlington was a Saturday race and Bristol was a Wednesday race, so it was pretty tough. We’ve been able to put everything back together so far, but it’s been a challenge.”
In his first visit to Phoenix International Raceway, Gosselin was 21st quickest in Thursday’s final practice session. He said the biggest issue for a small team running the entire series, particularly with a number of cross-country trips, is preparation time.
“When you’re racing every week, it’s hard because we don’t have enough personnel to where we have people back at the shop getting stuff ready,” Gosselin said. “When we leave the shop, the shop’s closed. When we’re racing, nothing’s getting done. So it becomes pretty tough, week in and week out, where sometimes we go three weeks in a row without getting home.”
A crash in the season-opener at Daytona seemed to set the tone for Gosselin’s year. He scored a top-10 finish at Martinsville and seemed to have turned the corner this summer with strong runs at Iowa, Gateway and Pocono.
But Gosselin crashed one truck at Nashville, then wiped out another at Darlington the following week. Then after five consecutive top-20 finishes, Gosselin’s luck once again went south with back-to-back engine failures.
“We’re trying really hard just to step it up,” Gosselin said. “We’ve been a 15th- to 18th-place truck and we’d like to be more of a 10th- to 12th-place truck. Seems like the harder we try, the worse it gets. Not sure why that is, or why it feels like that. It’s just been really tough trying to elevate the whole program.”
“We’d like to be a regular top-10 truck. Obviously, we’re still working really hard to acquire more primary sponsors for next year. We still need to come up with one or two major sponsors.”
Gosselin has had financial assistance through sponsorship from an online tire retailer and a construction company, but whatever money has come in has gone directly back to paying the bills.
“We’re taking in everything we can and we’re relying on our winnings to make ends meet,” Gosselin said. “And we’re barely doing that, so it’s really hard to hire more people and step up your game.”
That’s Gosselin’s dream for this fall and winter: To firm up enough investment to allow his team to take the next step.
“We haven’t had that luxury,” Gosselin said. "In the winter, we’re kind of kicked back into neutral because we don’t have the finances to keep going, and you end up having to lay off a couple of guys instead of being able to go 100 percent and focusing on the future.
“I guess that’s my biggest goal, is securing sponsorship before the end of this season to where we can work really hard through the offseason to get our ducks in a row and be ready for 2011.”
If he can swing it, the 39-year-old Gosselin would love to add vacation plans to his offseason. A native of Quebec who now lives full time in Florida, Gosselin still loves playing in the snow when he can.
“Except for the last five or six years, I used to always go take a week, and go to Colorado and do some skiing,” Gosselin said. "I haven’t been able to do that since my last daughter was born. We’re going to try and do something this year.
“We’ve been on a cruise before. The cruise is nice because the cell phone doesn’t work out there, so you don’t have to worry about it. When you go to Colorado, the cell phone still works and you’re still doing business. I enjoy going skiing and taking a break that way.”
With all the bad breaks it seems Mario Gosselin has suffered through this season, he’s due for a change of fortune.