Why racing is that the same

On this page there are 2 posts of a car owner and a track owner that we have loss. In the pass year on KARNAC there have been posts of drivers, car owners that have past away. These people were the main stay of racing in Florida. Of course this is not just happening in our state but each state. Racing of all type, stock, sprint, owm, figure 8, etc. will never be the same. You cannot replace people that have made and been part of history of a sport, that they loved, it was thier passion. Yes, people can come along and maybe improve it, add to it, but never fill the shoes that were wore by these people.

And in 50 years the same will be said about the people of today…

Of course no one will remember me expect for the fact that I used the wrong word. THAT was suppose to be NOT.

After a week of attempting to comprehend what don and moe are talking about, one wrong word won’t make you infamous.

I can understand your respect for those before us that have been involved in racing in one way or another. My hat is off to them.

Its not going to be 50 years for me.
Me and moe ha!
To much time on our hands.
Didnt use the right word? O MY GOD

Again !

Dammit Darren,
You said expect in stead of except.
What the ?

Darren, what makes you think there no passionate people involved today? Althought the past is great to cherish and remember, we have to actively build the future for this sport. No, it won’t be the same; there will be no more fields full of 1950’s sedans, or full of home-built, steel bodied Camaro LMs, but things have always evolved that way. In our “glory days” of the 1970’s, there were plenty of people lamenting the passing of the Offenhauser, and declaring that racing would never be the same without the flat head 6.

I refuse to sit back and declare the sport is dying, especially when there is another solid month of racing this year! Are you involved with a car? If so, get it out every week, and make it faster if you can. If you are a fan, ask yourself when was the last time you brought your buds from work to the track, or some neighbors with their kids? Lamenting the past will get us no where brother.


Major league baseball…

If you change this, change that, allow this, allow that, lose all consistency, it will kill it. That is what’s happening here. The sport of auto racing isn’t dying instead it’s being destroyed.

I used to show up every weekend with my car until i had to change priorities due to the fact that even then AFFORDABLE racing was going away quickly.

Now that i have the money to get back into the sport i choose not to. I merely support local tracks as a fan and go to speedweek every year to the local tracks in Fla. It would be more of a hassle or (chore) to me than the fun it used to be.


Most of racings changes are dictated by evolving technology, there is no stopping them. However, no one cares if baseball uses aluminum bats or south American players. They still scratch, spit and run around, and the fans still watch.

Affordable racing is still possible. I’ve run a strictly stock 8 or 10 nights this year, and I have spent next to nothing on it after the initial building was complete. It can be done.

You guys can wring your hands and give up, I’ve got to go pick up an enduro car for Crash A Rama, and try to get an engine in a mini stock for this week.