Hey, Fenton, where ya been?

Just wondering if you and the family are okay. I have not seen any posts lately. Hope all is good. Fred

Hey Fred; Are you coming to the Governors cup this year? Hope to see you there. Ross:ernaehrung004:

Mr. Fenton is still around. He sends me e-mails almost daily at the crack of dawn… Sorry, can’t share them on this forum…NASTY !!!:sprachlos020:
Get some from old OSF too…Again though, can’t share them here…:ernaehrung004:
-Ge Um-

Hi Ross

I don’t know. Last week they asked me to work Saturday, when I was leaving Friday afternoon. I am tring to get overtime to have some extra money at the Snowball Derby. Thomas has been getting me the 4 day package for the Derby as my brithday and X-mass. If I go I’ll be sure to lookyou up! Fred

[SIZE=“4”]Hey Fred,

All is well here with both family & the big dog. (at least she lets me think I am :aetsch013:)

What with honey-dos on the weekends, working on this money pit we bought a few years ago
and eeking out a living during the week, there’s just not much time left for the fun stuff.

Just ‘livin the dream’ as they say.

Like a good friend of mine says; ‘the next time I plan my retirement, I’m gonna do it a little differently’.

Thanks for checking.

Hope all is well with you and yours also.[/SIZE]

Hey Jim glad everything is OK.

I am doing well also just working alot. Was missing your perspective on things Karnac.LOL. See ya at the next “Blast”.