I may be wrong but....

was explained to me that you guys are trying to compare apples to oranges concerning what Greg wrote about being the highest payout in the state. Citrus is allowing a few different tires to run. Hoosiers American Racers and im not sure what else.
The Eddie Brann race is really special to the OWM racers. They are a tight series and whatever extra money they get will go towards Eddie’s daughters education and will be held in trust until she turns 18.
The payout is higher than usual because of the special race. It is $1500 to win, 75 laps, $75 entry fee…
PGS is paying $1000 for 50 laps and a $50 entry fee. They are only running Goodyears and are giving 5 gals. of fuel…
So you guys can try to do the math. Greg was not lying… it just isnt a normal night for Citrus… this particular race cant be compared fairly…
carolwicks aka oz

If you dont agree with my comment please explain but I would appreciate if you stick to the point and be polite. Thank you !

So post the entire payout. Otherwise, Greg lacks credibility on the issue. I understand he is trying to promote the track he works for, and it is my suspicion that Kevin won’t allow him to release the full purse or Greg certainly would. That said, they will now since they are being pressed either post the full purse and suck it up, or call up Karnac and have this post scrubbed. One or the other.


dirt race down south posted race but did not tell anyone [- not going to pay past 7th place -] does any one get it.

The question was not “to win” but “entire purse” i.e. 2nd 3rd through the field. There is no apples to oranges just a simple question without an answer.:question::question::question:


With all due respect - as you requested.

Does PGS pay $1000 every week ? If not, it is a “special race”.

I don’t have any Goodyears, so I would have to buy tires to race at PGS.

$1500 is more than $1000 at my bank.

Why don’t they just tell us what the payouts are through the field ?

Really, they put you up to posting this on KARNAC ? Beep -Beep, Here comes the bus, if you know what I mean.


In some cases it not all about first place it about where you figure you will finish the race and what your getting paid in a payout to see if it worth while to go to a big race with a entry fee.

All that was asked post the full field of the payout not every one can win the race. Some driver no they have a 4 to 7th place car and in a big race as a driver they have to do the math on the full cost to get there and what they are going to get in a return payout if the tracks dont post it can keeps cars away from big races somrtimes.

As a business man if I was saying I had the best payout in the state I would put my best payout online for everyone to see to get more cars and fans. If your the best be pround of it and show your full payout.

I know the last truck race I asked for the full payout and got the same answer we have the best payout. I was going to bring two truck having to buy two set of tires and bring 10 people to the races with me in the pits.
I did not go because I did not get a straight answer so Carol you do the math what Kevin lost from just not me going to PGS for the race last weekend. The big question would be how many others stayed home also because of the full payout not being online.

2 set of tires 848.00
10 people in pits 300.00
2 slab 20.00
10 peoples food 100.00
1268.00 lost for the night

Carol The point is if two cars set out per race because a full payout is not posted on a big race if you take 1268.00 times 4 weeks = $5072.00 lost in one month time. As a business man myself I would be wanting to get the $5072.00 more per month if can by posting a full payout.

Gary Laplant


i was not asked by ANYONE at PGS to post. I was talking to an OWM driver and i was asking what the difference was between Citrus’s payout and PGS… I DO NOT work for any race track. I do what i do to help racers. Even if i make mistakes its ok because im learning. You post in reply to me were polite and i understand better what you are asking. I will TRY to see if i can get your questions answered. sorry i wasnt able to… one thing i dont understand is why everyone gets on Gregs case. he is an employee and is doing what his boss asks him to do…if he wants to keep his job he needs to follow orders from higher up…
carolwicks aka oz


I understand what your saying really I just hope Kevin and Greg is reading what drivers are asking for if you dont have drivers you dont have fans either in the long run because of low car count.

Gary Laplant

Nobody is on Greg at all. Greg is a good guy. But after awhile he has to ask himself, is it worth it if I can’t get the owner to play ball? This isn’t on Greg, he is only a messenger and like you said, an employee.

In working with Greg in the past he likes to pass the buck very well and not take the blame for much. Being a race Director is a job you take blame for many thing not yout fault but it part of the job and you have to sovle the problems. It also your job to get good answers to please your drivers and fans. I have been been in Gregs shoes it not a easy job. But the job is what you really make out of it and you have to have good working relationship with the owner of the track if not its not going to work well.

Gary Laplant