History Did It Again

They have gone messed up a very good tv show for car guys. they brought very popular bbc tv show to history channel. Instead of keep the Brits host they got 3 Americans 1 is Rutledge Wood. why does history do this to car guys

The Brits are still hosting the one acorss the pond… and will still be showed on BBC. This is just another version of it, the original one will still be aired.

But yea, how the hell did Rutledge end up on the show?

i think history should have gone with brits

I’m not sure I see a point? They’re under a contract with BBC, which is being shown in the United States. This is just an extra Top Gear type show… if you don’t like the show or the hosts, just keep watching the BBC episodes and nothing will have changed. Nothing is going to change with the British TopGear show and now we have a chance to watch another gearhead show on top of it, where’s the negative in that?