Governor's Cup, the good, bad and the ugly

You heard it here first: NSS is firmly re-established as a premier venue for SLM extra distance races. The turmoil of recent years is subsiding, so the participation is back up. Couple this with the superior, multi-groove surface, and you have the recipe for excellent and entertaining racing.

Last nights race was even better than this years PASS race (which was damn good). It reminded me of Talladega, where drivers move way up and way back in the running order every few laps. There was constant side-by-side action; nothing like the freight train races that we used to settle for. I thought it was better than any GC 200 that I’ve ever seen at NSS. Some of you will recall the races at Golden Gate 40 years ago, and think that no modern event can compare. Hey, it is in the eye of the beholder, and this race fan thought the 2010 Governor’s Cup was outstanding. Here is why.

42 entries and 36 starters. No junk either! There were a few cars that were off the pace on Friday, but by Saturday they were nowhere to be seen. The 36 competitive cars did not have the field fillers who spin out and wreck every 2 laps. Also, because they were fast, and with the timing of the cautions, there was virtually no lapped traffic to cause problems.

The half-way pit stop appeared to work out just fine. It would have been a problem in previous years when the cars couldn’t pass, but this time nothing was needed to jumble the field; it just happened!

Of course it helps to have a huge crowd and a popular local winner. The very racey out of state cars also added lots of interest, and I’ve become a Becka Kaston fan.

The big, gaping hole in the program was the 2 hour delay in time trials. Two hours? I was in the parking lot at the BBQ, so I didn’t see what happened, but it must have been linked to the tech inspection before qualifying. Next time, I hope someone grabs that bull by the horns and shakes things up to keep the day moving.

It would have been a good night to add a few more wreckers and clean up crew. Some of the yellows really dragged on.

I was astonished that the autograph session took place, but I appeared to be the only one who worried about it. Everyone seemed to have fun, but in the end, the show was too long. My class didn’t finish racing until after 1 am.

You can’t have a “Good, Bad and Ugly” description without the ugly, so here goes. What happened to the septic system? I went by the concession area ONCE and after getting a whiff, resolved to avoid that scene for the rest of the night. Lets just say there are “issues” with the bathrooms that must be addressed. Maybe they only occur with a huge crowd, but if the track wants to continue climbing back, this must be addressed.

Overall, it was a blast! Adding local classes to the two night format allowed me to run both nights. I know all of us in the dreg classes appreciate the chance to be in on the big show.

I agree with a lot of the other posts except for Nerones…If you were not there don’t give an opinion…it was a great race…there is always attrition in a 200 lap race. A lot of cars fell out late…
My dad and I got there around 6 or so because we thought there was going to be a consi race. As we are walking into the pits the cars are rolling off for qualifying. Come to find out that it took forever for pre qualifying tech…I don’t understand the pre qualifying tech, the cars just went throught tech the night before. If there is going to be race day tech then open the gates at Noon for the racers so this can be taken care of early. Evidently there were a bunch of cars that had to add or move weight. Now we all know how consistent the scales are at NSS. I also heard that they actually changed the format of the race by vote in the drivers meeting. Again, NSS at its finest. Have a set of rules and live by them. That is all anybody in racing ever wants. My suggestion would be to start 30 cars every year. Qualify top 24 and then have a consi race. This would make for a better race because it would get the cars that are going to get lapped out of the way and still get paid.
We went to the grandstand side to eat and at 6:00 I still waited 20 minutes in line. The cashiers had no help. They took the order, took the money then had to go and get all the food. I can’t imagine what the lines looked like at 8pm. The concession in the pits is now a complete joke. they ran out of food and change BEFORE the race started. Friday night they closed at 830pm. I heard this is the new procedure. Never mind that there were 500 people in thepits Friday night and most didn’t leave until at least midnight.
The racing was the best in years. The double file restarts made for great side by side racing throughout the field. The wreckers did seem to take a bit long for some minor wrecks but when you hit the wall at NSS you usually tear stuff up pretty good.
Davids car was awesome the first 100 laps…he said he could have passed Naase before the pit stop but didn’t see the need. They made no changes except for tires and fuel at the break but the car got real tight for some reason. David is the best at saving his stuff and waiting out the attrition. I told my dad about 5 laps before Gorham and Choquette got together that it was an accident waiting to happen. Gorham raced pretty good and was fast but he just seems to not always have the best car control all the time. He did come down on kasten.
Naase got thrown out for a nose measurement that he was told to change on friday night. His car was unbeleivably fast. Gorham had to much left side and I left before the others got DQ’d.
Yes the 25 sportsman was Ed’s old car and NO (sorry ED) it was never that fast as the 44. Pat and his gang know how to make those cars fast. However to Ed’s behalf, the car is set up for Citrus rules which allow for more left side and a 100 lbs lighter.
I saw Duane at the break…he had a rough Friday night. Their car got put in the wall and is pretty much junk…the seat might be savageable.
Great Race, Great Crowd but there always seems to be an issue getting things to go smoothly at NSS…but once the racing started it was a good show.

Congrats to David Rogers and Dana Ebersole. Dana builds Davids car. The chassis is like nothing you have seen before and very innovative. Eberstein racecars.

I also thought Boneman was going to be the middle of a sandwich there for a minute but he squeezed it through.

Just my two cents…

Fred, you are right about the concession stands. Aren’t they supposed to be the big money makers for a track? I was at the track for 12 hours, so when the pit stand closed I walked over to the Samsula mall for food and drink. This needs attention. IMHO.

Thanks to all you guys for putting out the info on what happened at the race since nobody bothered to write up a story… I’ll get on Speed51 later and re-read the live account… I think LM racing in 2011 may be the hot ticket…

Of course there is a lap by lap story on this race…It just won’t be on this board. Andy still writes a great story every week. You just have to be on his mailing list like the rest of us.:huepfen024:

Andy was also assisting Speed 51, who is the exclusive content provider for the event.