Governor's Cup: My Take

  1. First off: Thanks for the directions, Mark. Saved me about a half hour off of I-4, got there at 7:10pm; by the time I got into the stands, it was 7:30 and nothing had started yet :confused:

  2. When we did get to the track, saw the parking lot was…PACKED. I hadn’t seen the parking lot that full for a Governor’s Cup since…well…the race was in Tampa. Saw license plates on cars from New Jersey, New York, North and South Carolina, Ohio, Virginia…and even Ontario, Canada.

  3. Outstanding quantity field of cars; now we just gotta get the quality. There were maybe 10 of the 40 starters that could’ve won that race. When there’s less than half the field left before halfway, and then half of that left at the end…I was left shaking my head.

  4. The out-of-state cars. Wow. That 23 (Weller?) was a rocket early…then he broke, I guess. The 31 was a top-five car early; he fell off.

  5. Rebecca Kasten. This girl, I think, sure ain’t intimidated by the high banks. Wonder if she runs at Madison (WI) (her home state), which is sort of similar to New Smyrna. That 10 car ran her to the dirt down into turn one, she looped it. She avoided that mess over in turn three - barely. But then she got taken out by a lapped car and backed it into the wall pretty hard. She ran near the front most of the night, inside the top five or ten, came from the back a few times to get it back up front, only to end her night on the wrecker. But when you can pass Wayne Anderson - in turn three and four - on the OUTSIDE, no less - you impressed someone. Bet she’ll be back for Speedweeks along with Johanna Long and give them hot shoes a run come February.

  6. What happened to the 92 early on? I expected Scofield to go right to the front, but apparently they had problems with that car all weekend <?>. I guess Scofield jumped into Finney’s #80 at the halfway break and brought her home third at the line.

6a) What happened to Hamke’s car? They were quick early, too, but fell off.

  1. Sure was pullin’ for Winchell to get to the front. But like most of the front-runners, he got caught up in other people’s messes. Hated to see him get taken out late.

  2. Choquette and that 10 car. Man. I thought there was gonna be a fight a la '79 Daytona 500 style right there…LOL…

  3. Nasse. How old is this kid…?? His bio on his “trading card” thing says he was born in '95, that would make him, what 15 years old?? Or is that a misprint? He looks more like early to mid 20s. He drove a helluva race; when he got out in front, no one could touch him - until the end. And I think the only way Rogers caught him was because of those late cautions bunching up the field.

  4. Rogers’ comment before the start? “I think the last time I won this thing, some of these kids I’m racing against weren’t even born yet.” Not quite, there, ol’ man :wink: You only won it thirteen years ago :slight_smile: Good to see him in victory lane, though. I like pullin’ for the Geritol crowd…LOL…

  5. Good to see Chad win that Truck feature.

  6. Why can’t we get them Sportsman wedge bodies back onto the SLM’s? :wink:

  7. Anyone know if that #25 Sportsman was Ed’s old car? Did that thing ever run that good when Ed was driving it? LOLOLOL…just kiddin’, Ed :wink:

  8. Rex…man, that itty bitty toy of yours (the Mustang) looks like it’s fully half the size of them big ol’ Monte’s and four-door Dodges…LOL…I thought them two black cars was sandwichin’ ya in there toward the end of that Strictly stock feature. That kid in the 95 shoulda won it; not sure what happened to him (he looped it in turn two or something). Good win for William.

  9. Saw Jerry and crew out in the parking lot on the way out. It was after 1:30am; I got home at 2:45am this morning :slight_smile:

Please add :wink:

Jimmy, here’s my take on a few of your points;

  1. I have going to NSS since 1980, and I concur, that is one of the biggest crowds I have seen since I have been going, congrats to management on great promotion.

  2. Becca Kasten. She was super impressive, very calm and cool even when running in what looked like a hornet’s nest. She did put the chrome horn to the 75 when she got a little impatient.

  3. I too, think the 51 of Nasse was the car to beat at the end, but Rogers obviously got into the kids helmet on those last 2 restarts. We were listening to race control on the scanner, and when Nasse jumped the restart, he was warned that if he did it again, he would go to the tail. This was obviously what Rogers tried to get him to do, and on the last restart, the kid was scared to death jump, and Rogers just nailed it and left him, and that was all she wrote.

  4. Congrats to David Rogers. Im my opinion, he put on a clinic all nite, and capped it with proving why he is the local respected master.

  5. Chad did a great job early as well in the #7 super late, subbing for an ailing Vince Keeler. I paid their fuel bill for them, and was sorry to see him get caught up in someone else’s mess.

Overall, I thought it was great racing, and a great night!

PS) Watching tech Friday and Saturday was worth the price of admission. Jeff Suttcliffe, Ricky Brooks, and crew did what I thought was a very professional job, and along with that were courteous and helpful to everyone. Ricky’s wife was running the scale Saturday, and she was a joy to chat with and watch her work.

Joe Jacalone

[QUOTE=Jimmy McKinley;55742]

  1. Nasse. How old is this kid…?? His bio on his “trading card” thing says he was born in '95, that would make him, what 15 years old?? Or is that a misprint? He looks more like early to mid 20s. He drove a helluva race; when he got out in front, no one could touch him - until the end. And I think the only way Rogers caught him was because of those late cautions bunching up the field.[/QUOTE]

He is 15, Here is his bio.

His grandfather, Steve Stanford, was the car owner of the #69 InterBay Marine Late Model who?s team produced prominent Florida drivers such as Dave Scarbourgh, Mike Cope, and Jimmy Cope.

They left out Johnny and Donny Stanford…

Steven Nasse…

I am so proud of you. Im sorry I couldnt be there but after all the reading and calls from people who were there, i hear nothing but good comments about you… Not only are you one heck of a good racer but you are also one heck of a good kid. Take care of yourself and i see a good racing future ahead for you.Not that its been anything but good so far. :wink:
carolwicks aka oz

I gotta say I am amazed at what he showed at 15 - i recall seeing him here before and being impressed too. He raced the hell out of his car - i kept waiting for him to fade - but he never did. He got screwed in the end by circumstance -which i loved because i am a Rogers fan, but i did feel bad for the kid.

Just noticed i goofed… its STEPHEN… :wink:

Bubba…this kid has been around a while and he is so level headed and focused. he amazes me. ive watched quite a few youngsters come up the ranks. kids who are now parents…lol im sure getting old…
Thats what the greatest thing in racing is for me. Watching a little kid become a champion…following them from 4 cylinders or trucks to the greatest shows we have. The Governors cup brings out the best for sure.
And we can never forget the awesome veterans. Dave Rogers is truly as exciting now as he was so many decades ago… besides being a totally amazing racer, he is a true gentleman and wonderful man.
We have alot to be proud of in Florida. i know we bit(# alot but we know we got it good!!! yep…we sure do.
carolwicks aka oz

Steven Nasse is a spoiled little brat with no class and needs have his butt kicked