Hialeah Speedway Program circa. 1982

Found this in my attic. I saved at least 10 programs from my middle school days. Hope you enjoy and it resurrects some great memories!

Kevin Shaw

More, trying to upload the cover. The Karnac machinery is not cooperating!

Back page.
I thought these were excellent references for the fans. With today’s computers and printers, tracks could provide similiar programs in a matter of minutes.
I will attempt to post the cover page and more programs at a later time.

thunder car driver Mike Ciochetti moved to Clayton,Ga. bought a liquor store, and had some success in the ARCA series.

hardy maddox won lot of races at old hollywood speedway

in any thing he drove he use to come by our shop ever day pick up crashed cars , man he gets around like he is 25 years old - heck he had to have raced for 40 years or more

Is the #52 Butch Miller in the Marion Edwards Memorial race the same person as the former ASA driver?

Yep. Butch’d come down here with Trickle, Howe, Eddy, and the rest of them Yankees and run the end of the year shows, like the Governor’s Cup, Marion Edwards, the Cracker, the Snowball…