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didnt we go through this once if we want shoes we will go to the shoe store or tell our wives or girl friends we need shoes not get them from china where they pay 3 year olds 10cents an hour to make them thats just me though GOD BLESS AMERICA

Ain’t this a racing site? Waht part of racing did this idiot miss out on? These people are real stupid to think that anyone on a RACING SITE would actually pay good money for cheap-@$$ shoes made by NON-AMERICANS. Ain’t got a thing against the Chinese, Japanese or any other country, but when you take AMERICAN jobs overseas and pay those workers instead of AMERICAN’s then you need to be taxed to the hilt and have your products cost you an arm and leg instead of costing us because of your stupid brand name. Get this off of our RACING SITE.

Could not have said it better my self…

I agree this is a Racing forum NOT a shoe store!