Why did nasse finish race

Well i will say that nasse was fast and on a rail for the most of the race, but when you have some of fla’s. best drivers coming after you i guess you do some dumb things. Like taking jeff out in the front stretch and then on the restart driving over russell and never lifting. And that is why rogers got such a good start because he knew that if he didnt get in front of nasse befor the corner he would have been taken out just like the other drivers. Steven Nasse has a talent to drive but he has now class and that is what a good driver is all about have some class and not being a spoiled little brat. I bet Steven will be paying for this race more in the future from his drive from fla how have class.

So I guess the 36 running him up the track the lap before on the restart was ok…

No, it’s not. But the 36 didn’t wreck him, just drove a little dirty. The real question is why did Nasse get his spot back after running over Russell. Maybe they called it a “racing deal”, or “tit for tat” because of how 36 run him up. Either way, involved in a caution, should go to the rear. Nasse was lucky to get the spot back, then really jumped the start. Veteran move by David Rogers to make him jump, then caught him sleeping after Nasse was warned. I guess getting thrown out for something as simple as a nose infraction was a little bit of Karma…

For what its worth the 10 car took the 70 out coming off of turn four. Nasse ran a great race. We got to remember were short track racing not super speedway racing. I cant wait til. that kid turns 18 to see him in camping world truck or something.

I guess you where watching the same race i was because when some parks in the corner all you can do is run into them but the 36 didnt spin hime or even drive him iver like nasse did to him the next restart. You can say that thr 36 is opne of the cleanest drivers out there

You are joking… right???

somebody has it on film,then make the call

So what you’re saying is…never mind, you’ll just never get it :anim_pound:

The 51 is a dirty driver. This was not just about the 36. He drove the 23-10-70 all dirty in the corners. I would have kicked his @$& if I were theses guys. Guess he didnt have enough time or he would have done it to the 11 too. IMOP he should not be driving or his father needs to teach him some respect before he ends up killing someone!!!

Send him up north to race for a summer. He will learn some manners.

I talked to some of the other drivers that where in that race and they all have the same thing to say He will be getting his real soon like maybe the Red eye if he is gonna show up for that one in Jan at NSS