4 CYL Honda Bomber Street or Dirt – Race Ready

1988 Honda! Car is brand new, no dents all parts straight. Completely built from the ground up! Motor and all parts are strong and will be dependable, 1.5 SOHC 4 speed (which makes it fast on big tracks but even faster on the small ones) notice this car came stock with a header. Car is legal at all tracks, just need to check rules for weight, if any. Great custom cage built from scratch for car with quick seat adjuster to move seat back and forth, this cage is perfect for a kid, or an adult, if safety is a concern, no corners cut, built by Billy at B&E Auto. Nothing mounted to floor, all to cage, meaning seat and belts. Has a brand new seat, size 18, with head rest and new cam lock seat belts. Brand new quick disconnect and steering wheel. Has stock gas tank. Everything on this car is new and no shortcuts were taken. Stock gages still in car, but dash has been taken out and sheet metal put back into its place, and gages have been mounted to front bar, all in working order. Has a brand new Lexan shield, but has screen in car now. The stock bumpers are still in place. 14 inch rims. This is a car that someone can have fun with. Truly a car you can take to the track and get in and race. $2000.00 OBO. Post or call me at 727-216-7429 with any questions, I will be honest and answer any questions that you might have. Can send pics to anyone

send pictures to tazmanracer45@yahoo.com please


send pics to joshcollins69@gmail.com

Pics sent to joshcollins69@gmail.com and tazmanracer45@yahoo.com …car can be numbered side and top with name, included in price.

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No low balls but will consider other things

still for sale

Offers are coming in…do not miss out…good car

$1700.00 Obo

Not going to be able to race again anytime soon…looking at offers…good car, 100% race ready for dirt or pavement.

Still for sale - pics

Still for sale - pics

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New season almost here…don’t miss out

Still for sale

Take another Look

Not seeing much as it realtes to 4 CYL race ready cars…still up for sale…great car.

do you still have this car?

is the car still for sale? where are you located?