Does anyone know...

I was over on Orange Ave near Kaley and noticed the Speed Shop was gone and the Ragin Cajun Bike Shop was in its place. Does anyone know where they moved to or did they just close up?

hi cara they closed have you
got your car ready megan raced
7 races this year have a new car for
next year

Not ready. Going to look at one this weekend. Glad she got to race this season. Good luck next year.

Thanks for letting me know about the speed shop.

A-1 Speed Shop

Robbie hasn’t closed the shop, he just moved to his warehouse and did away with a store front. He has the same phone number {407-422-6168} but is not married to the store like before. He has been doing Swap Meets and other shows such as Webster and is at Daytona this weekend. He still has inventory and all of his dealerships, so give him a call if you’re looking for something just like before.

oops didnot no that
sorry cara

Thanks Buzzy!

Don’t worry about it Jeff. That is why I got on the board to find out.