Who is heading to the Snowball?

I hope to see some of my friends from the board up there and maybe meet some new friends. I should be at the track Friday through Sunday. Can you believe that a week from today is the Snowball?

We’ll be there thur thru mon. Can’t wait…You gonna be in pits?

Me and Brad May will be heading up Saturday morning, and will be in David Roger’s pit for the Derby. Go David Go.

Patrick Thomas 25

Yes I will be in the pits all three days. I am the one that needs to stay away from the papa john’s trailer so say hi when you see me walking around. If I get a chance I will post some photos on here each night, time permitting.

In David’s pits huh, that’ll be cool. I still use a photo of Brad on my business card. Don’t bring it up to him though, it was not one of his lucky nights…

Yes sir you should post those pic’s on here some time they are amazing.

Patrick Thomas 25

Leaving at 6am tomorrow.

Will be there untill tuesday morning. Can’t wait!

Just got here…very impressive. Watched last lm practice.

Just looked at Speed51.com!

Kyle Busch’s car fastest. 25 cars in the 16 second bracket! Yeah Baby it’s going to be awesone!!!

I Hate Y’all!!!

If anyone else is coming you might want to get the vip shriner parking when you get here otherwise you cant park on premise without a RV spot.

Watched Hamners crew thrash on everything that rotates trying to solve a vibration problem.

The pit experience even on a practice day like today is awesome. Soo much going on you cant really keep up. So many people in the racing world just walking around.

Heard they already changed the transmission and rear-end… which didn’t solve the vibration. Last I heard, they were trying a different driveshaft. I think I would have tried that first instead of last.

Myself, Tim Lake and Robert Hart are on our way to Pensacola as I type to support Five Flags Speedway and all the drivers at the Snowball Derby!

Well I hope you aren’t the one driving…:grinser010:

Make sure you say hey when you are here.