Llm Roller

'03 cope, camaro front clip, sweet steering box 12:1, howe spindles, outlaw calipers (alum), new alum radiator, pro, carrerra, franklin q/c, no can or bladder but has asa spec. framework for 22gal atl, have parts to deal, nice car $3,200
brian 386 405 3107.edgewater FL.

why is it so hard to get pics on this site?

If you look at the upload page, you will see that the pictures have to be under a certain size. You will need to open your picture in an image editing software (Like photoshop or MSpaint or Paint.net) and resize the image.

First image is of where you would go to upload the photos and the second is the size the pics have to be.

Once they are the right size hit the upload button where you chosen the picture file.

If you have any questions, PM me and I will help anybody out.



e mail me pics I will post them for you calebt16@aol.com

here are pics

pics pics pics

nice car put a motor in it and Ill drive it

thanx,we had it ready to go but my son had a serious acc on his atv,so we wont b racin for a while.wont take alot to get it on track with prices the way they are.thanx for pics too.brian


would consider a trade for a 67-68 camaro 68-72 nova or a vega want to go pro street.dont need motor.can include some cash for right deal.give me a call.brian 3864053107

not lookin for complete resto project.want a backhalfed chevy roller in good cond. will open it up to all chevys.thank you.

Where at in edgewater do you live we have a 1970 nova that we restored

on the corner of woodland and 34th

ministock give me a call.eric,scoot just got in stop by

movin outa state need to sell

$2800 bottom line

nice car need to sell

2500 come and get it

i have a pro truck if you are interested thanks

no thanx gettin out of racing goin bac on street

had car sold twice. guys never showed need this car gone $2000.includes driveshaft,4 new rims,about 300 lbs of lead.had enough bs bring cash and trailer.