NFS Turkey Trot Results??

Any results from LM and OWM?

Late model Adam Bedenbaugh Sportsman Mark Whitener.Pits were packed with full fields for every class.Very good spectator turnout even though the predicted low for mid thirties was easily achieved by 11pm Liz and Phil have worked very hard this year please the competitors and fans and were appropriately rewarded by the excellant turnout.Phil assures that they are going to remove the shelf lane at the top of the track and widen the track for top to bottom racing lanes.Also he stated that the skidder tires will be removed. This should lead a great deal of side by side racing as numerous LM and Mod drivers like to ride as high as the surface will allow them to.

Kyle Owen won the OWM feature and the points championship. Brother Chip finished 3rd in the feature. Chip won the Pure Stock feature. Any one that has info on the Box Stock driver that had a heart attack after winning his feature race, please post. Thanks.

On Charles Howard (heart attack after his box stock win) I was informed via Facebook that he is better after a stint was installed. He was airlifted from the track. I’ve heard nothing since that was posted very early this morning. Of course, we’re all praying for him.

Thanks BJ. That’s good to hear. Life Flight is never a good sign at a race track. Sorry we missed you last night. I heard you were there but I never saw you.

man was there a full moon last night? they had to carry rocky sullivan to hospital at east bay with crushed vertebrae. yes that would be awesome if the took that lip out of racetrack. Then work on getting more light and that place would be pretty sweet.