Fort Wayne, Indiana--

A new raceway is born.
Sort of----------------

Baer Field Speedway, just south of the Fort Wayne Int’l Airport, is a 40-plus acre plot of land, the 1/2 mile semi-banked asphalt, and 1/3 mile semi-banked asphalt Raceways have been around for many of year(1964 is the 1/2 miler, and 1995 is the 1/3 miler inside of it).

On the far backstretch, somewhat in the the pits, is an old 1/4 miler asphalt roadcoarse go-cart track, and in the middle of the two big stock car ashphalt Raceways is another 1/10 mile oval ashalt go-cart track to boot.
On the very outset of the property has been, for the last 12 years or so, a moto-cross motorcycle track, which hosted races for the racers throughout the week.

Last week, they plowed the moto-cross Track under, and made a new 1/8 mile high-banked dirt oval on it’s grounds. All for next year.

This Baer Field (aka) Fort Wayne Plot has alot to offer, much like the Orlando Speedworld Plot has.

Baer Field Speedway has:
–1/2 mile semi-banked asphalt oval–
–1/3 mile semi-banked asphalt oval–
–1/10 mile banked asphalt oval–
–1/4 mile road-course-(it hasn’t been used in 20 years)–
–3/8 mile moto-cross dirt track–now gone to make way for–
–1/8 mile high-banked dirt oval–

Implements of destruction are needed sometimes to build new raceways, or destroy them, and thank God not another shopping center or housing development was built on top of this one site, but this little ol’ plot of land has an awful lot of Racing going on at it, and has been since 1964, all the time, in numorous forms or another. See below.

ASA/ARTGO/ICEMAN/CRA/USAC/NAMRA/TRI-SAC/BARA/ARCA/ and numorous other santioning bodies that have assembled upon these somewhat hallowed grounds…it is Indiana by the way, and although it is not quite INDY, it’s close to…

The Hills… The Super High Asphalt-Banks…of Dayton, Salem, Winchester, and the old Fort Wayne Speedways.

That’s another post for later.