MSD box 6AL

I have three MSD boxes in great shape with dist. wires 100.00 ea. 727-359-1504…Paul Combast

VDL 4412 Holley

I have a like new VDL 4412 built for a 2300 ford…400.00 727-359-1504…Paul Combast

Pics of everything very interested

Heres one they are the same, I will post other photos soon…


75.00 ea…

can you bring one to citrus on the 22nd ? if so ill buy one . bring me the newest , nicest one and ill give you $ 100 cash . thanks !

if you cant or wont go to citrus let me know and ill call you to figure out when and where , as im about 3 hours away .

Call me I will ship it to you …

I will call you tommorrow . id rather pick it up in person saturday . plus i dont mess with credit cards , or buy anything i cant see first . where are you located ? like i said i will be over that way this saturday if we could meet somewhere . like around 1 pm or so . i cant afford two trips with the cost of diesel . for what it would cost in fuel i could put that towards a new one . thanks !

Paul we still want those parts. We need a complete MSD setup so make sure we have one box…give the SM guy the pretty one but save us at least one of them.