No more sprints at Punta Gorda?

Is this years disagreement the end of the CFSS at Punta Gorda? For my money, they were the best class that appeared there. The majority of shows had reasonably good fields and their portion of the show moved right along.


Let’s see what the official response is from Punta Gorda Speedway…

Hahahaha, you might be waiting awhile. Maybe you should call them? They always return any inquiries in a prompt manner.

You will be lucky to see a Sprint car race on asphalt anywhere in the state of Florida. Track owners want to cut the purses in half.

if the sprint fans were buying tickets the tracks would be fighting over them. The pay off must be to great for them to pay with the small crouds of today.
The wingles sprints allwase tryed to save there cars money so the purse was smaller for the tracks. i see that no one was running them much. Dont make any sence. Sprint fans buy tickets and ti will be ok. If not---- O well.


If the sprints would run longer races than 30 laps you would get more fans in the stands! 50 to 75 lap events are much more appealing to the traveling race fan!

Very true.

If you like sprint cars, I hope you like East Bay, because I don’t think you will see them at PGS in 2011.

We are getting 2 sprint cars ready for the Top Gun Series next year. Got a feeling that will be a busy series.

let see more laps= 2 times the tire wair fule and engine laps. it comes down to cost per lap. rember trying to save $.


The sprints could change their progam around to make it more interesting.
The Xtreme Sprint Car Series ran 3 20 laps races, and also a Australian
Pursuit race.

I don’t like it, no sir I dont like it at all. The sprints at PGS in '10 always had good car counts and plenty of passing. If the advertising dept. at PGS would let the people of the Charlotte Co area know that 700+ hp, alky burning, open wheel cars are there, I’m sure it would be a start. I too saw the twin 20 format on the tube up north, I like it.

Sprints return to Auburndale in 2011… more to come…

Since you hijacked the thread, I take it Auburndale is the new home of the USAC wingless sprints then?

Not going to say, because I don’t know… just that the “Sprints” are on the schedule in October and maybe 1 or 2 more times… Rex is not really a Sprint Car guy, so I doubt A-Dale will become the “home” of any Sprint Car group…

I AM a Sprint Car guy though and hope they run as often as possible, just don’t see more than three shows though…

If we could just see the Florida Mini Sprints get a bit bolder and run a few asphalt shows… They would put on a heckuva show at places like A-Dale, Citrus, OSW and DeSoto…

If you need your open-wheel fix, the FMARA ( tq midgets) will be running at Punta Gorda and other tracks in 2011. That is what I am hearing as of now. These cars put on a great show and are almost as fast as the sprints. ( 15.30 sec.) It would really cool to run the TQ’s at A-dale. This would be a great track for close racing.

Sprints will also be at Citrus on 2/5 and 9/24 :aktion033:

The TQ’s put on a good show. I saw them at Punta Gorda last winter. I think 9 cars showed and ran well but the need for a larger field was obvious. If they could put 20 on the track, 2 heats and a feature, I’d go everytime they were there. But with less than 10 cars, it may still be a lot of fun for the guys out there, but for the spectators, it’s pretty weak.

Have there ever been any full-size midget clubs based in Florida? I know USAC has been at Orlando in recent years and they used to have open (winter)shows on a cinder track, in the Tampa area, but that was probably 30-40 years ago. I think that USAC started a Ford Focus group a few years back but I haven’t heard much of them. In the East, NEMA in the northeast and ARDC on dirt in the mid-Atlantic area are the only clubs I know of.

I hope that some agreement can materialize between the promoters (especially Punta Gorda) and the sprint owners. They’re one of the more entertaining classes.

We should have 12-13 TQ midgets this year!!! It will be a great show. By the way, thanks for the great comments about the TQ’s. I would also like to thank you for letting the tracks know that the FANS enjoy the sprint cars.