Howe/Bemco 2010 Camaro Build

In the next few days, BEMCO FAB in Deland, Fl will begin construction of a new 2010 Camaro for customer Ralph Tomasso for the V8 StockCar Series.
Ralph has been road racing an ex ARCA Monte Carlo in the North East.

The car will be based around the HOWE road circuit chassis and HOWE Camaro body, similar to the one they built for the European Camaro Cup Series. The US version will be a bit wider to accomodate wider wheels and tires. The Car will be powered by a SCHWANKE RACING ENGINES Chevy LS3 making about 600 HP, with a TEX T101 tranny and quickchange rear end.

The car should come in at less than 2600# minus driver. It will have a SCCA GT-1 legal wing from MALLEN-ALLEY Racing and CCW 16" WHEELS.

Link to story with pics of the new Howe Camaro body.

It will have a SCCA GT-1 legal wing
Ya ruined it for me :wink:

Well, I think it would look cooler with an 8" spoiler, but they’re just not as
effective for road racing. I am glad the cup cars got rid of their wings. Just
didn’t look right.