#35 open wheel modified health forces sale

jimmy cope open wheel modified 3 years old top notch car complete 358 chevy steel head motor 5 races on motor has all the good light weight stuff in it quick change tons of gears almost new tires and rims on car if you are big this car is for you. this car is top notch race ready never bent or clipped cansor forces sell $10500 863-661-0907 call ron abney also big 406 aluminum head motor for sale brand new $6500

race ready

ttt race\ ready:sport009:

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to the top buy this car and go from the top to the front this car is nice complete race ready:aetsch013:

tttttt oooo ppppp


TO THE TOP :ernaehrung004:

price reduced to 9000.00 race ready

price reduced 9000 race ready with steel headed motor DR. SAID NO MORE RACING FOR ME

would you sell with out motor and if so for how much

price dropped alittle more

really need this car gone but not going to give away price dropped to 8750 obo will sell as roller for 6000:huepfen024:

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to the top

need to go

man i cant race it so someboy else needs this car needs nothing handles great and fast :sport009:


ok ok… i’ll drive it for you bigdog!!!lol

cant believe this thing hasnt sold!!! hell of deal!

No Drivers

Jody I Can Not Believe It Eather You Probley Paid That Much For A Mini Stock

if somebody does not buy this car you do not want a good car

i can not believe nobody want to race this front runner you can not even put the componetes on a chassis for this price never the less with new motor and richman trans 180 headers man 8750.00

i see you have a push to talk button on ur steering wheel i really need one contact me if you wanna sell 386-576-7895

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to the top still here come take a look price 5000.00 as a roller

the reason we have not sold the cars

the dirt car and the open wheel i kept hoping for a miracle

i kept thinking maybee when he got out of hospital things would work out they took out twenty pounds on cancer out of him all of his colon

     at least we still have my son i have not been to a race since he went in hospital , and i guess now it's time to get rid of cars -- got lot money in both cars - i don't have to tell any one they are a good deal - buy the quick change - and shocks and springs and fuel cell get rest of car free