Boxstock / Hornet

1993 Pontiac Grand Am - 3.3V6 FWD

Fast car! Good roll cage! Handles Great!

Car was raced at North Florida Speedway and Columbia Motorsports Park

$600 OBO - located in lake city, florida

would trade for a GM 350 thunderstock / pure stock engine

Hey man i have a 305 thunder stock motor built up and will keep up with any 350 any day.

you looking to trade? or just sell?

Great Christmas gift!!!

will trade (or partial trade and $$$) for GM metric parts, tools, ect… lets here it…

Hendry County

They are starting a new class this car can run in at Hendry County Speedway

What kind of parts are you looking for

Cordless impact, 4412 500 cfm carb, what do you have?

I have rear ends and some odd and end parts

$$$ :ernaehrung004: $$$