Two(2) New Raceways---

Being built/proposed-- This is somewhat good news.
However, they are not in Florida, actually in the Pheonix area.
A new 3/8 mile dirt, and another asphalt raceway are on the books for construction just outside of Mesa, and a Dragstrip, too.
I know this is a Florida area Board, but nontheless…

I read that Glen Donnelly is building a 3/4 mile track near Syracuse that will have “synthetic dirt”, seating for 10,000, state of the art TV and media facilities, etc. $25 million dollar project. There developing the “synthetic” dirt now and will be testing it at the 3/8 mile Brewerton track this next season. I guess it doesn’t produce dust and is easier to maintain and prepare. Sounds great for our wet summers. LOL Groundbreaking is set for June. Only 20% of the tracks business will actually be racing.

Synthetic Dirt–

As a huge Horse Track Racing fan, or horse racing fan for that matter, I was out in California, Santa-Maria Raceway just last year, and they were bragging about thier new synthetic surface for the ponies/races.

As I ventured onto the surface, and picked up a handfull of the subsequent surface and stared at it, I found that it was no more than tons of old discarded carpeting, shredded up into finely shredded mulch.

That’s right, old carpeting, finely shredded—tons of it over a 1.14 mile Santa-Anita oval. And it was fine, for sure. That’s what I have been told is a synthetic surface. No dust, the horsies/ponies love it, they’re clean, and no rain-outs, and the hoofs feel a softer surface.

Alot of stories have surfaced about it, though. Some are extreme, that more injuries/deaths of horses have been a result of it, loss of practice times, and jockies breathing the stuff----and that has been countered with the opposite, of faster times, no rain-outs, and no dust, blah, blah, blah…you know how it goes.
And how would Stock-Cars do upon it? I don’t know, really. I only know how horses do upon it.
I hit the Daily-Double, and the pay-off was good. It was a good day.:huepfen024:

Horse racing is getting more synthetic dirt track all the time. There are different formulas for the “dirt”. Presently Donnelly and partners are working on 3 different variations to see what provides the best bang for the buck. Apparently it’s a mixture of shredded recycled rubber, synthetic fibers, and sand coated with a wax. Donnelly’s partners include John Wight and Carl Meyers. Wight owns Gypsum Express, WoO team of Tim Fuller, and Fulton and Brewerton Speedways. Meyers owns Sweetners Plus, WoO team of Tim McCreadie, and is involved in the environmental business. He apparently already owns most of the equipment required to produce the “synthetic dirt”. It will be interesting to see how this works.

if you know someone that wants to buy a BEAUTIFUL track there is one for sale in Monroe LA less than 3 years old and really really nice! It can be bought very very reasonably! FORECLOSURE!

It is the track that I am at! Musco Lighting, 4000 seat alum grandstand, suites etc etc!

Needs a new owner bad!!! Concrete suraced track with figure 8!

I am at the PRI show now trying to find it a new owner :slight_smile: