Fast Super Stock NSS 2x

1981 Malibu. Nice cage well balanced car. Car needs battery and carb. Car has fresh SOB engine w/world product heads which conform to the 2011 rules(as of today).As-is $6200. Would consider seperating chasis and drivetrain.
Call 386-527-3869

you getin out of racing or building something elseā€¦ This is a new well built car peole well worth the asking price

thanks 22, I am Just rebooting need to pay some bills. I hate to see her go but again I would like to see her go.Car has carb but needs rebuilt.


can u send pics to

is that the same motor that got throwed out of the last race for the heads being wrong or a different one

same motor different heads

photo link

if you are intrested in someone car dont talk shit this is possibaly one of the best built cars out there and you telling me that 95 car dont cheat like helyet some how he pass tech all the time

wont last long

now is your chance dont let it get away

That car is fast as for 22racer you can come check out the 95 if u like

i would love too

If you want to win the championship in 2011 you will need to by this car LOL :aetsch013:


Hey Mike, not that I went many times this yr but I hate to see you quit. Another one bites the dust. Hope you get back someday, Good luck

considering offers for 2011 champion nss super stock

make offers