wagering for the Charity Truck 200

Of course betting on races is illegal, so I propose wagering “tokens”, ok?

I’ll put 5 “tokens” on any one of these.

Andy “Hot Shoe” Leserra breaks through and gets a top 5.
Scott Reeves wears out, so his Legendary dad Speedy Reeves has to take over driving.
Rick Bristol loses it when introducing the deserving kids who benefit from his work.
At least 3 teenaged drivers will lose the hood, nose and both front fenders.
Two female drivers will slug it out in a race-long battle.
The Strictly Stock feature will bring the crowd to their feet!
A good time will be had by all.

My bets

I got 10 on the #29 bobby mobley to win the super stock 50 lap race.
And i will bet the bone man will come from 2 laps down to win it all tonight in the Strictly-stocks 30 lape race.
And my pick for the truck race will be the # 51 of roger blevins.

Good luck to all the drivers tonight have fun and let put on a good show for the kids:ernaehrung004:

Well, Boneman was correct on the Strictly Stock race bringing the crowd to their feet. It was the last race of the night so when it was over they all got up and left, hopefully to return on Saturday! LOL!

Cindy and I arrived late, but of the races we saw, the best had to be the Strictly Stocks. It was a battle from flag to flag, with the added entertainment of lapped cars getting in the way. And to be honest, I didn’t see a “bad” race all night, including the karts! In fact, the karts were very entertaining! We’re looking forward to seeing everone back at Orlando Speedworld Saturday night!

Ok… So what happened and what were the results…