Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway: Help Save the Fairgrounds

I think anyone who loves short track racing, NA$CAR history, and anyone who’s ever won there should sign this deal…

Nashville Mayor Karl Dean has announced he is closing the Nashville Fairgrounds and Speedway. This will displace the flea market and vendors; close the racetrack forever; and leave no place to hold the Tennessee State Fair. Mayor Dean has said the land is more valuable if he can pave over it and develop the 120 acres into a dense mix-use development, yet has not backed this idea up with any concrete plans.

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all american 400

I rember when the 400 there was twice as big as the durby. ASA ALLPRO event with the officals fighting on the frount streach after the race.go uncle Bob
anyone rember that.

i can remember hauling 30 loads of bleachers

for the old speedway at the fairgrounds and we had a crew that stayed there 14 hours a day installing them . they had a little resturant on grounds were you could buy a full breakfast for dollar and quarter

and reeves grandstands and bleachers [and galvanize shop it was on hwy 574 and faulkenburg road beside 3x chester rutledge – and pop butlers shop six mile creek tampa fl and little later on i wish i had a quarter for ever time bob harmon bought me lunch and talked about racing while we tried to eat or work that was long time before he tied up with fairgrounds and nasville

Bob had a hot dog stand at montgum? speedway and the croud was down. his sales on hotdogs wasent good so bob promoted his first race there. later it became All Pro. then nascar bought him out and it became all american chalange. Anyway thats wear the" Just selling hot dogs" came from.
Sure miss him
Don six two

don did i ever tell you about time

i was trailer trucking some were up tru alabama and had couple people in truck with me and all of sudden i heard horn blowing and it was bob and i don’t remember who he had with him but he talked me into pulling into truck stop for dinner

remind me to tell you that story about like oscar norton -john darvaue - dick nelson - jack brady [ darlington and chris econamackie :huepfen024:

It sure would be a shame to lose the place… I have been up there for a couple of events and it would be a shame to lose it…

have a great day all…