Mike Smith wins the Charity Truckers 200 !

  1. Mike Smith
  2. Steve Darvalics
  3. Chad Pierce
  4. Bruce Bennett
  5. Blake Koch

Complete finish and story to be ready and out by Monday

Thanks to all the drivers, crews, officials for supporting the event.

What truck was Chad in?

I heard he was in the Bubba the Sponge truck. Don’t take that as goepel.

Yes Chad was driving the #14 or Bubba the love sponge. It was a good race. There was good racing all thru the field but The #23 of “Mad” Mike Smith was on a tear with a Flag to Flag win for 200 Laps. The #41 of Darvalics was the only real contender for the lead till his late race flat put him to the rear. It was pure heaven to watch Steve come back thru the field from the rear. He schooled the other 26 or so drivers. That was the best earned second that I could have seen. He worked his Butt off for it. Congradulations to all who ran the Truckers 200 because they used our sport to help some folks that are in dire need with the word that every family has heard one time or another, Cancer. They races for a cause. Thanks to you all. Bob…

Thank you RICK BRISTOL !

thank you for your tireless energy in putting on this very special race for a couple of people who suffer the ravages of cancer. I truly believe God sends us people like you to help Him and that you shine in His eyes. You care and thats what we all need to do more of…
Bless you for all you do !!! :huepfen024:
carolwicks aka oz

CONGRATS to Mike Smith on the win!

It was impressive to see the 41 come back through the field after pitting and starting at the end of the lead lap. It would have been more impressive to see him do it without tearing off half his body, along with panels and bumpers of others, while shoving every car in his way up out of the bottom groove. Congrats to the other drivers for not spinnning out after he moved you.

Stop whining pitcrew. You forget that this is short rack racing. How many races did dale win at Bristol by doing that? And it isn’t like Steve ran over everybody, I saw him drive back through the field from the spotters tower and he did a hell of a job.