thanks everyone who came out

wow alot of racing on saturday started with gokarts in the morning time then the crash and bash would like to thank all the drivers,crews,the fans,rex"track maintance" guy,and employees for coming out and dealing with the weather once the fog lifted we went racingand the top three for the go-karts were pro box stock 23,00x,05 pro heavy 02,29,1x novice/purple 6,14x sr. champ animal 91,17 stock med. 5,2,8 sr.champ flat head 1,2,16 stock heavy 02,1x,29 sr champ bp 50,92,82 box stock heavy00x,1,2x jr champ bp 13,48,8 jr sportsman blue 78,14,51 pro purple/blue 6,2,8 pro sr champ 50,92,88 pro jr stock 00,00c these drivers age from 6yrs.old to 60yrs.old
Then came the crash and bash that night and the winners were in the enduro,#7 william hindman,chain race,#5150 bam bam sherrell,xx roger nichols,flag pole,#12 jim erb,xx roger nichols,skid plate race,#3 paul norman,357, rick tomko,school bus,#49 bobby gordon,007 dustin aaron,boat race,#5150 bam bam sherrell,32 jim erbthen came the fog back for the demo derby,#16d demo dave berrer was the winner. we saw the fans were cold so we brought the heater"THE GREEN MAMBA JET CAR" to try to warm them up a lil bit " agian thanks to all that came… NEXT SATURDAY @ AUBURNDALE SPEEDWAY WE WILL HAVE GO-KARTS ONLY COME OUT GOTO AUBURNDALERACING.COM