hate to ask

bone man no one said how many endro cars yet?
You should let me know.

I started 16’th out of about 60 entries in the Titusville Christmas parade. Although I didn’t pass anyone, I have protested the judging in the “most Christmas spirit” catagory. We had that one wrapped up, and I am prepared to fight about it all week.

On a nearly related note: I had the most fun racing that I’ve had for years last Friday night in a Strictly Stock at Orlando. Moral of the story: low dollar racing is great!

u can race them. when they break junk them and get another one.
Merry Christmas

Dick with u later ( its like my hobby)

hey don!

who’s Dick? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… you sure are getting whacky!

…Awkward silence…

Uhhh Don, how about we just pick on each other verbally instead?

Merry Christmas bro!

Hey Boney… who raced and won on Friday? Hopefully something actually gets posted on here this week… I sent in a preview story on Auburndale Wednesday and it was never posted on KARNAC… I understand Jack’s situation, and I guess Berti is gonna do some work for the site, but someone has to keep things up to date…

Auburndale 2011

April 9 2011 and October 29 2011 Two big Crash shows more info soon. Happy Holidays.:ernaehrung004: