Thanks To The Staff At Auburndale Speedway A Nice Start

Great people to work with looking for big things next year. Also thanks to all the drivers and fans that came out and see you next year.:ernaehrung004:

well Moe how many??


If you had been to the Orlando crash-a-ramas, you would have been disappointed – good, but not great, crowd, and seemingly thin on cars, but the bus race, boat race, demo and tim chitwood really pulled it all together for the last half of the night. moe and the guys were really working hard in the pits to put on a show. the green mamba kept fouling ignitors (not the weather, they have run at 22 degrees before), and it was doubtful he could fire at all for the finale, but he did, and burned down a chevy van – the body was glowing red and you could see right through the sheet metal to the vertical supports inside. best burn-down i have ever seen. i brought three friends from california in for the PRI show, who had never seen anything like a crash-a-rama, and they had a blast.

thank you old yeller.

Moe is my new hobby

You Pick The Wrong Hobby Just Like Running Race Tracks

Don, I am glad you are so concerned with what I am doing. I know YOUR SCARED about me putting on shows, and you should be. I know that there are some opportunities and I will get better at what I’m doing. You sure make a big deal out of the enduro. The real test will be Lancaster NY for an enduro. Well Don good luck, you will need it if I am your new hobby. (your just another demo car that I can and will beat) Happy holidays to your family,trailer park Dave and your side kick.

I think Moe did a great job putting this together just two weeks after the OSW show… We’ve had bigger crowds for the LM shows but this one was very good and I think they were entertained and many told me they had a great time… Thanks to E&H (Crusher and Huggy Bear) for supporting the show… As usual, they took home a good bit of the money.
Was very surprised at the turnout for the Kart racing during the day… Some great racing too and boy, they really get serious… Moving the Kart program to Saturdays is a great idea…

[QUOTE=Don Nerone;58102]well Moe how many??


Sounds like there weren’t that many if Dave and Moe aren’t giving out numbers. But hopefully everyone had a good time.

Actually there were more cars than I expected… Enduro was pretty good and had a controversial finish… I’m still not sure who won and don’t have any official results yet.


Sixteen enduro cars and a good race.The rest of the car count was O.K. and so was the races. It sounds like there is an issue about enduro car counts. Or is it an issue with me? Happy holidays…:ernaehrung004:

Why are you guys worrying about enduros at all? Their best days were 20 years ago. I think they still have a future, BUT race fans see cars drive in circles every week. I suspect the fans go to Crash A Rama or Car Warz to see something different than the every week show.

I was in the last Crash A Rama enduro, and I had a great time in my $200 car. However I really wanted to save it to drive in the other stuff on the schedule like the flagpole and skid car races. The enduro was fun, but since you already have a 5 hour show, I’d drop it and see if it makes any difference to the front gate or the number of participants. I don’t think it will.

One thing is certain: if you have to run an enduro make sure it is the low dollar, 4 and 6 cylinder kind. The “Pro enduro” cars bring high expense and much aggravation to the event.

Your Right

Well said Rex.There were a few people on here that have said the weekly races should have a stock 4 and 6 class and this would help the enduros also. Even cheap racing is not that cheap for some people right now.

Rex rember how this started?
I said the rules would kill the car count and you said no it wont just me and you.
the car counts have gon from 45 low to 99 high
then moe show 9 16 18 and so on (bet you tell me how wrong i am rex)thats why i keep up with the endro car count.

If u knew me try this-- spiders and high places-- (you dont get it but my frends do)

Moe my hobby
Don Nerone

The car count isnt Moes falt it some one else.
Moe has no stock car knolage of rules racing or anything for that matter.A derby guy
that was in the right place at the right time.
Who pulles that string hooked to moe?


knot getting old is it. Don’t be mad at me YOU MAKE YOUR OWN MESS

DR. DON if you are as good as you think why could you not keep the car count at the track you ran for a few years? [RACE CAR GUY] How was the car count in Lanier this year, And your talking about rules you never even had rules for any of your crash events.You would just put the cars that you felt had an advantage 1 or 2 laps down. I might not know much about race cars but the shows were doing are about crashing cars and your the race guy RIGHT. :slight_smile:

Lets get it on!!!





Now THAT i would come to see, but don and moe have to line up side-by-side on the front row!

bet you tell me how wrong i am rex

You are going to win your bet!

The rules will not kill the car count. The opposite is true. When events used to be run with no published rules, and it appeared that the rules and penalties were made up on the spot, the car count suffered and enduros floundered.

Don, please tell me again how your 4 and 6 cylinder rules are different or better than Moe’s.

The present low dollar approach to enduro rules (4 and 6 cylinder junkyard cars) will result in large fields. Your race in Ocala had 40 or something, right?

My contention is that Crash A Rama is already a 5 hour show, and that race fans see cars driving in circles every week. Also, I think the fans come to those events to mainly see the busses, boats, demos, etc., and should not have to wait the extra hour to see an enduro that looks like a regular race.

spiders and high places
Words you consistently spell correctly?
Additions to the next Car Warz show?
Photo folders on your Facebook page?


It Would Be A Sell Out!!!


The show started at 7:30 and ended right about 11pm. I think Moe did a great job and the stands were pretty full considering the cold temperatures. My question is to Don Nerome, why do you come on here and belittle any thing positive that Moe or anyone else does? If your so great why aren’t you running a track somewhere? Hell from what I see on this board your not allowed at a few of them!

The fans at these shows are mostley are not stockcar fans. they did come to see the crash and burn show. One the other hand the endro cars are stockcar racers. This is the chance to make the stock car fans and the racer get in the crash show.Also the crash fan might try that endro. we sure need him weekley. . we… the people that do this for a living know that if the endro count is good the rest will work. The tracks want me to get big endro counts so that it will help tjhe weekley show… get it?

Doctor Don Teaching Moe
Moe i didnt call u get back in your box.
Guns or knifs butch