toyota ministock for sale

81 toyota celica for sale car is race ready,located in ocala fl.2010 track champion lots of new parts on car.has about 15 races on motor has a 22r flat top with wisco pistons stock rods double valve springs with a 505 lift cam.350 holly.asking 3500.00 with some spare parts.

Toyota mini stock

Someone will get a great car here! Just take it somewhere else so i dont have to chase it any more.:slight_smile: Good luck Rick see ya next season.

toyota for sale

Hey Ricky

Wheres the pics buddy LOL:aetsch013:


send me a few pics of the car please thanks

would u like to trade for a dirt sportsman/asphalt


this car is a rill good car and rill fast :slight_smile:

want to sell the carborator?

Can you send some pictures of the cage, the motor, and the outside of the car? Is this a tube frame car or clipped?

toyota ministock

I’m planning to participate NASCAR and this 81 Toyota Celica seems to be a good one. I’ll just check some of the new toyota oem parts before getting one.