Big body monte roller

i have a big body monte carlo its just a roller i redone all the front end on t it has all new ball joints tie rods and all new front brakes which are set up and working. i have the tubing for the front its 21 foot sticks of .095 tubing

it has a full cage in it also has a nose piece and plastic fenders.

things car has seat,belts,transmission,knock off steering, the bar for the steering,gages,some wireng, and a msd box and coil goes with car for $800 obo.

you can call me at 863-212-1098 my name is danny thanks.

price reduced $700

do you hAVe any pics if so end to

reduced 600


send pics 2




send pics to

pics please

send pics to

Can you send me pics to

pics to


hey wat u take 4 it and wat u got pics and call me at 863 421 6166 or 863 589 2303

Hey I called yesterday you was gonna send me pics. Never recieved them??

Send pics to

is car still for sale?

yes car is still for sale… 700 takes everything i have for it. 600 without a few items. ive been sending pics idk y no one is gettin them.

can you send me some pics to EGROUNDHOGGS@CFL.RR.COM THANKS…

Please send pics to thank u

pics were sent

i never recived pics

Please resend to or text them to me 863 513 2388 thank u

still for sale… price reduced

400 takes it and whats left… the hole front end was redone all new brakes and ball joints inner and outter tie rods… and i still have the tranny.(168 saginaw 3 speed… also have power steering pump.

no steering rod or seat ne more