mini stock motor

its .30, decked and honed block, reconditioned 5.2 rods, stock re-worked crank, esslinger valve cover, the head is an oval port, shaved to the max, .512 lift cam,big valves (Fresh), race engineering springs, ported and polished head and intake, race engineering pulleys,fuel pump, waterpump, esslinger intake, rear sump pan, racing clutch, 10,000 rpm light weight flywheel. nice distributors, a couple coils, and a brain for a mustang,tri-y header, stock intake, and stock head. i have 3 wheels with tires on them, one tire is brand new.race rear sump oil pan and brand new pickup tube for it. the head alone was $900
ill sell just the motor, clutch, and flywheel for $1300. ready to drop in with intake, and carb $1500. i can put stock intake and other carb on for $1400.
motor, clutch,flywheel, carbs, heads, intakes,tires, wheels, header, block, oil pan distributors everything for $1800.

make ofer on anything you like. willing sell to seperate. tri y headers $80 obo spare head $50 tires and wheels $115 obo -for pics

do you still have header

do you still have header and were are you located at?

ill sell just the head for $600. clutch and 10,000 rpm flywheel $100. esslinger intake $75, wheels and tires $50 each or all for $120. hp500 carb and spacer for $200, other holley 4412 with a 74 jet and spacer $120. .40 block $50, ill sell the motor with no head for $800

the head and flywheel is sold, ill sell bottom end with oilpan, fuel pump, water pump, fan blade, and all the pulleys for $700.