Pastrana Talks about Test at New Smyrna

Betty White, John Travolta and Charlie Sheen will be testing next week lol…

Will he destroy as many local competitor cars as the other motocross racer while (learning) to drive?

Now Benny…

C’mon now…you know we aren’t supposed to be doubting the talents and intentions of these over-funded, under qualified, “I’m bored with what I do but this looks like it could be fun for awhile”, celebrity driving apprentice wannabees anymore…didn’t you get the memo from Charlotte County?

I guess Red Bull couldn’t stand to see Monster Energy drink getting all that free prees from Carmichael’s truck winning so many races…

…wait for it…wait for it…


My money’s on…

Betty White.

She would wax all their asses.

Damn, Osmo, thanks for a nightmare image. Betty White waxing their a$$es sounds like some cheap, firehouse porn movie.

oh boney

you are just jealous…:aetsch013:… Betty should have a place in the waxers hall of fame! rofllllll. and i think she looks pretty darned good for her age. you wont need a bag!:sprachlos020:

[QUOTE=Benny The Mule;58684]Will he destroy as many local competitor cars as the other motocross racer while (learning) to drive?[/QUOTE]That’s the thing; he ain’t racin’ the local stuff at all; almost straight to the top in a Michael Waltrip Busch car. He’ll get to tear up the high-dollar stuff first :wink:

OK I guess I will come on here and stand up for Carmichael (again) and now Pastrana. OJ, I usually am with you on most subjects, but you need to help me understand your disdain for Carmichael and Pastrana…

Ricky Carmichael was/is the GREATEST motocross rider to ever straddle a motorcycle. Pastrana was a champion in his own right as a youngster and has been racing Rally cars for a few years now. At least they have a back ground of racing at a world class level. I think Carmichael has been pretty successful considering he has only been in cars for about 3 years.
Yes they both have rides because they brought big time sponsorship with them. But they both EARNED that sponsorship in their past lives as racers. We all know that this is how the world of NASCAR works now. Both of these guys are a marketing teams wet dream…young, charismatic, well spoken, good looking guys that most importantly bring thousands, if not millions of fans with them from a demographic that would not ordinarily watch a NASCAR race…they are “cross over” entities(see Danica Patrick)…and of course it is obvious why the team owners bring them on…instant financial support not only from the sponsors brought in but future sponsors as well…Carmichael does color for AMA motocross racing and the X games on speed and espn. Pastrana has his own show on MTV and is everywhere in the Gen X world…they both talk about their racing endeavors during the events…FREE MARKETING!!! NEW FANS!!! MORE MONEY!!!

They bring more to the game than Austin Dillon does or Ben Kennedy will…I think they will be succesful in the long run…they both got to where they are because they practiced for thousands of hours and work hard at what they do. Yes there are probably hundreds, if not thousands of kids or young guys/gals tooling around tracks all across america in go karts or SLM’s that could probably do the same things on the track with the same equipment…but we all know that “on the track” doesn’t REALLY matter anymore…do we think Jimmy Johnson gets more money from Lowes than JR. does from Mountain Dew or Joey Logano gets from Home depot??? NO he doesn’t. Budweiser has been on three different cars now in 5 years and probably 10-12 over time…The cars with Budweiser on them haven;t won to many races lately…NASCAR racing is a marketing machine that happens to be wrapped around a race or two on the weekends…as unfortunate as it is…it is the REALITY of it…

Fred, everything you said is factual and true, but it still doesn’t make it right. Money has ruined the sport, just like it has in boxing, and many other things.

I had something for this…

(that’s a tag line from one of my favorite F/X shows)

Actually, Fred…what Jacko wrote is pretty much how I feel too. It is the way that it is but, in my mind anyways, it will never be “right”. It’s one of the big reasons why I don’t watch or follow any type of NASCAR racing and haven’t for the last several years. It kind of sickens me to know that the sport I grew up loving and having the time of my life doing has become what it has. And I’m smart enough to realize that a lot of that is on me and my stubborn (and possibly ignorant but don’t expect me to admit it) refusal to accept this new policy of “just the way it is”.

I still and always have maintained that no amount of money spent can replace the value of starting at the bottom and learning the nuts and bolts of whatever you are doing be it racing, construction work or brain surgery. If Carmichael or Pastrana had decided they wanted to be fighter pilots do you think they could just walk up and say, “Hey, that looks pretty fun. Mind if I give it a whirl? Oh, here’s a few mil to count while I’m gone.”…on second thought, scratch that. Red Bull or Monster would probably fork out the bucks and some idiot would want to make a reality show at of it. You get my point though, right?

I know I sound like a broken record about these things too but, hell…if CW can continue to whine about people shortening the name of a holiday for convenience sake then I’m entitled to groan a bit about pocket book racers.

And for the record, Fred, I usually agree with just about all of your posts and comments, too. Good information and sensible, well thought out responses without all the useless crap…like mine.

Have a happy holiday, bud.