suit & balt & led

have a raceing suit fit 5/4 to 5/5 /$100 raceing balt $50 led $1 a pond:)

phone #

home 352-628-3463 or cell 353-220-2039ask for eddie:)




what’s a “racing balt” ?

raceing belts

sorry bout that there raceing belts


needed to sale make me offer

belts & suit

open for offer:)

belts& suit

belts sale pending suit dedused to $50 :slight_smile:

send pics of suit to and size


ill get it sent tomaro:)

Interested in the lead… How much do you have, are there bolts holes, what are the spacings on the holes?


i have about 110 pond yes they have hole in them on the spacing ill check and let you no in the morning:)


on the led it a bout 31/2 inch a part & have 135 pond


haveing prob getting pic up wqill hane up tomaro:)

here the suit

here the suit

suit 045.JPG

suit & led

still for sale:)

belts & suit & led

belts & led sold still have suit $ 50


Did we ever figure out what size the suit is?

Really would like to know what the size of the suit is and what size person it will fit. I’m 6’ and 230…