winters quick change with gold track $650

complete witers rear,hub to hub in great shape with a $650 gold tracker in it first $ 321=458-0825 bob in cocoa.

What does gold tracker mean? qucik changes are new to me. how long is it? is it a 5 on 5 or wide 5. gears? r & p? mounting accessories/hardware?

will you send a pic or two to 863-514-0023 thanks! kyle


pictures of rear end:ernaehrung004:

gold tracker is a $650 extra we put in rear,it frees up rear to keep from pushing,definately a good thing.its 57 inches from center of rotor to center of rotor,no has steel bird cages for leaf springs on it is a 4.86 ring and pinion.

it is a 5 on 5 wheel pattern.

I hate to be that guy, but is there anyhting you are looking for maybe will reduce my cost of the rearend? I would get it today if it was setup for 3link.


give my dad a call if you are really interested
he said that you could easily set it up for a three link 321-458-0825

Yes it could easily be setup for 3 link. Well I cant run a gold track, and I need to mount things on it. So I gues if you guys have a hard time selling it maybe we can make a better deal or maybe you will put a spool in it and take out the gold track .

will take $500 without gold track.

do you have a spool to install?

rear end

If you still got the rear end call me or let me know Woody in deland 1 386 985 1002 I could be a player

Why put a phone # up here if your not going to answer your phone???

most of the time I,m grinding or don,t know where it is or didn’t hear it or what ever leave a message and I always call back. we only allow it to ring 4 times as not to waste your time thanks for asking Woody

Mr Woody, I was refering to the individual who posted this rear end for sale.

sorry everyone who tried to call,i was working on a sailboat a week and a half ago and my cell phone fell out of my top pocket and into the water,9th one in last year.had to send away for a replacement due to phone insurance,just got new one yesterday,again sorry.